Simpe Tips To Organise Your Wedding During The Pandemic

These days all our social gatherings need to be modified because of the pandemic. Weddings could not have been unaffected by this situation. Nowadays, the future bride and groom need to take measurements to ensure their wedding takes place in a safe environment and all attendees take all the recommended precautions to keep everyone healthy.

Revise your guest list

Months before your big day you need to sit down and try to reduce your guest list, so that you have the allowed number of people in the venue. Write down all the family members, friends and aquaintances you would normally invite and try to cut down the list. Undoubtedly, there are individuals you can't eliminate either because you feel close to them and you want them on your special moment or because you do not want conflicts with relatives.

Take enhanced sanitary measures

Ensuring good hygiene for you and those around you is very important. Everybody should keep the appropriate distance from each other and they should be wearing a mask during the ceremony. Ιf it does not exceed your budget, you can order personalised masks to offer to your guests as a gift.
In addition, it would be nice to have hand sanitisers available at the place.

Consider an outdoor wedding

Outdoor spaces are preferable to avoid crowding as the open air will help not to spread viruses. The seats can be arranged with the necessary distances and your guests can sit in groups of families. You can select an alfresco place for the ceremony where the reception can take place too. Whether it is a backyard or a rooftop, with the right decoration it can become a great venue that has nothing to envy of luxurious banquet halls.

Opt-out of personal contacts

Some compromises have to be made for everybody's sake. To make sure you have less personal contacts during your wedding you should avoid shaking hands. 
Another tradition you can skip is accepting gifts on your wedding day. Your beloved ones can send their wedding presents prior the wedding.

Go for catered plated meals

The sanitary rules should be also followed about the food. It would be advisable to choose a sit-down dinner instead of a buffet where the guests would have to stand in a queue and serve themselves. This way nobody will share serving utensils with others and again it will not cause many people to gather next to each other.


Τhe new situations in our lives do not have to stand in the way of realizing a dream wedding. With the right preparations you will be able to organise an unforgettable wedding during the pandemic. You may need to skip some traditions and change some of your plans but this does not mean you need to feel like you are not going to fulfill your desires.

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