DIY: Handmade Bridal Hairpiece With Wire and Clear Crystals

Here is a tutorial on how to make a handmade bridal hair vine using only two materials: wire and crystal beads.

I have chosen 0.4mm wire which is very flexible in silver color and 4mm bicone clear crystal beads.
First I cut out four pieces of wire and passed beads only on three of them. I added one or three beads on every wire and bent the wire in the middle. Then I twisted each wire before I join all the four pieces of wire all together, even the wire without any beads.

So you create a little bouquet. I went on making the next bouquet which I joined with the first one by twisting the empty piece of wire with the next bouquet each time.

When the creation reached the appropriate length I took another piece of wire but longer this time and with the help of a round metal I made a hoop at the end. I twisted the rest of the wire around my creation with the crystals to make it more secure.

When you reach the end, make another hoop.

You can use either ribbon or bobby pins at the two edges.

If you wear your hair on a bun, you can wrap the hairpiece around it.
It can give a romantic vibe to a bride's look.

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