How To Organise Your Gothic Wedding Guide

When a woman is about to experience one of her most dreamy days, she wants to look her best. Not only because her wedding photos are going to accompany her for the rest of her life, but mainly because she wants to remember this day with the best memories and not feeling comfortable in her own skin won't help.

Every bride wants to look beautiful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Adding long blonde extensions may sound great to a specific girl, but if this isn't your style, it won't work for you. Above all, you need to highlight your personality.


Who says that bride only wears white? You can wear ivory, pink, red or even black. After all, is there any other color more formal than black? If you are leading a Gothic lifestyle, that should be present on your wedding day too.

You can buy a dress in gothic style and you don't need to limit your wedding gown pursuit to bridal salons only. There are many places where you can find an evening dress which can be worn as a wedding dress.


The future husbands should be dressed in the same style, otherwise they will look mismatched. If you don't want your fiance to see your wedding dress before the ceremony, you can keep it a secret, but you should discuss with him about the genre of clothing you are going to choose.

Probably by now you have known each other's taste, but you may need to clarify how much gothic your appearance is going to be. For a romantic bride, the groom should follow this style too. While for a more extreme bride, the man shouldn't look inferior.


To add to the atmosphere more gothic vibes, the typical music that is usually chosen for a traditional wedding wouldn't be a good choice.
You could also hire a musician like a violinist or a cellist play your favorite songs.

Below you can see some suggestions for your playlist:

Gothic Piano Music - Gothic Wedding

Vitamin String Quartet - Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars)

The Cure -Lovesong (Cello Cover by CelloCryptCellist)

Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (Piano Cello Cover) - Brooklyn Duo

Scarlet Puppets - Lost in the rain

Emotional Gothic Music - Scarlet Rose


It is unquestionable that the place should be decorated with the same style. Gothic doesn't necessary mean creepy. 

If your finances allow it, you can buy handmade wire sculptures appropriate to the theme or you can make your own creations in case you have an artistic personality.


The ideal place for a wedding with this subject to take place would be a castle, but you may not be able to locate one in your area. But don't worry, any event room can be transformed with the right centerpieces, tablecloths and flowers.

Alternatively, an outdoor ceremony by the nature can create a romantic image as if your wedding is taken out of fairy tales. Like in every other wedding, you should make sure that the weather is on your side.


Gothic lifestyle is reminiscent of medieval times. So, arriving in a modern vehicle wouldn't work. 
You can rent a Victorian carriage or an antique car. 

Actually, below you can see a very special hearse. is it too macabre for you?


The cake that you are going to offer to your guests couldn't be an exception , it needs to be a matching part of the event. The standardized designs that pastry shops have as samples may not contain something to cover your needs, but in most cases they will be willing to follow your guidelines based on photos you have found online.

The period of time that your wedding is planned can determine a lot of the details of the style you are going to choose. On instance, a ceremony on Valentine's Day could inspire you to use red elements. Otherwise, a wedding around Halloween could be The reason for a more spooky theme.

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