Choosing Underwear For Your Honeymoon

When it comes to buying underwear, never has shopping been so important than when it is for your honeymoon. After all, you are going to be spending your first nights together as husband and wife, so you will obviously want to make a great impression and feel fantastic at that. It goes without saying that there are so many different underwear garments available on the internet today. Therefore, you need to consider several aspects in order to narrow down your search effectively and find the best seductive honeymoon underwear.

The first point that you need to consider is more like a rule; always go for matching underwear sets. There is nothing sexy about wedding underwear which does not match. It is recommended that you buy several contrasting sets so that you have a different look every evening. There are lots of different bra styles and knickers styles that you can alternate between. For instance, with bras, you could opt for a padded wire style and a front tie style. When it comes to knickers you can go for a thong style, ruched knickers or French knickers. Obviously, you need to be mindful of which style best suits your body shape, but you probably already know which underwear types work for you.

Aside from the style of the underwear that you buy, you also need to think about what colours and patterns you are going to opt for. It is recommended that you buy some sets in a sole plain colour whilst one patterned set incorporated as well is always good. When it comes to honeymoon underwear it is better to go for sultry and sexy colours, rather than things which are bold and brash. Go for a dark colour such as black or sapphire, another set should be in a light colour such a dusty pink, and then pick a pattern such as a leopard print.

When it comes to the material utilised it is always a good option to go for silk. Silk has a divine feel to it which oozes sensuality. Moreover, the look of silk is something which possesses an old school glamour quality; it is sultry, sexy and understated. It provides the perfect balance between looking seductive and doing so tastefully. In fact, it is a great idea to buy a silk robe as well. This is something which looks fantastic teamed with your underwear when you are lounging in your hotel room. It adds an extra element of style and sexiness to your image without looking like you have tried hard at all. If you are seeking a style of robe then a plain colour like black is great to match with your patterned honeymoon underwear sets, whilst a leopard print robe goes perfectly with the plain coloured underwear sets. Your destination will impact material choice too. For example, if you have booked a Mauritius honeymoon package, you will want something comfortable and light so you don’t get irritated. 

All in all, if you consider the different styles of underwear mentioned in this blog post, then you will have no trouble finding some sexy pieces to wear whilst on honeymoon with your partner. After all, you want to start married life of the way you mean to carry on, right?!

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