13 Awesome Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants their special day to be full of wonder and magic, and most are -- but in an age when the wedding day rules supreme, it’s just true that the standards have been elevated, and that it takes something more to stand out from the crowd. But this is far from a chore -- indeed, it’s fun to get creative, think outside the box, and come up with something that’s going to make your wedding day that extra bit special. Below, we take a look at thirteen ideas to get you started. Incorporate one, two, or thirteen of the ideas into your wedding day, and you’ll have your guests applauding the ‘wow factor’ that’s made your day so enjoyable to attend.

Live Music During the Ceremony

Everyone knows what to expect from a wedding ceremony. There’s the walk down the aisle, the vows, the love in the air -- it’s magical whatever you do. But what about adding something else, which allows your guests to reflect and feel the magic in the air? If you’ve got a talented musician friend, have them perform a song. A rendition of any classic love song will be good, but it’s even better if it’s a combination of guitar, violin, and voice. Your guests will have a few moments to take in the moment as they’re serenaded. Beautiful!

DJ Requests

Your guests are going to be ready to party, so make sure they’re able to. While hiring a DJ who knows what they’re doing will be a good start, there’s another way to liven things up -- when you ask for your RSVPs, ask your guests to include a song they’d like to appear. You’ll have a whole bunch of classic tracks that will have people up on the dancefloor, and it’ll be that little bit extra special since you know that your friends and family have picked what’s being played. If you’re taking this route and not getting a DJ, you could put some of the money you’re saving towards hiring a live band for an hour or so. They’re usually pretty good at getting the crowd ready to dance!

Make Your Own Drink Section

You’ll have to have bar staff serving drinks, sure, but it’s also fun to let people do some of the work too. It’s much more fun to spend some time building your own drink than it is to simply queue up at the bar and have it made it for you. Look at setting up a spirits bar, complete with ice and garnishes. If you want to make things extra funky, you can look at dispensing alcohol drinks through a water bottle dispenser. One can be filled with Jack Daniels, the other can be filled with Coca-Cola. Looks awesome, and is sure to make everyone happy.

Games on the Grass

Sure, people are going to have a fun time chatting to one another and dancing the night away, but they do that at every wedding -- they know what to expect. Why not look at giving them something else to do, and a way to make friends with the other guests? If you’re hosting your ceremony as a place that has an outside area, you can put some games out on the grass to play. When everyone’s feeling in a good mood, they’re going to love challenging their friend to a game of crazy golf, or giant Jenga, or challenging the other half’s friends to a game of tug of war. Just be careful to make sure that it doesn’t get too competitive!

Old School Decoration

You’re going to spend a lot of time making sure that your venue looks beautiful, but what about ensuring that it reflects who you are, both as a couple, and individually? A great way to bring out your history is to decorate the walls with photos of you when you were younger, as well as couple photos ‘through the ages.’ It’ll liven up the wall, and give people who have only known you recently a chance to peek into your individual and collective history.

For the Memories

But let’s not forget that while photos of your past is a nice touch, this day is soon to become part of your history. Indeed, the most important part of your history! So why not look into fun ways to immortalize the day? One fun idea is to leave disposable cameras (old school!) on each table, and invite your guests to use them to take pictures. The fun thing about this is that you won’t know what snaps were taken until they’re developed, which is something of a novelty in the digital age. Another fun idea is to hire a social media photo kiosk, which will allow guests to pose for group selfies and then upload them to social media in real time. Make some props and other costume accessories available for use, and you’ll walk away with some priceless photos of the evening.

Late Night Snacks

You want your wedding party to go on as long as possible, and so do your guests. Alas, they’re not machines -- there’ll come the point when they’re tired, or low on energy, or just otherwise beginning to feel the effects of a long day. At such point, the only option is to call it a day, right? Wrong! Sometimes, all they need is a little pick me up -- and what better way to do this than to provide a food truck that serves delicious street food? There’s nothing that’ll make a guest stick around for a little bit longer than the chance to sample some inventive taco recipes and the like. They’ll hopefully have already danced off the meal you served earlier in the evening. This touch will give them the energy they need to power through for a few more hours on the dancefloor.

Relaxing Zones

While food is going to play a factor in your guests’ energy levels and their capacity to continue dancing, so will their shows. No-one can stay for hours on a dancefloor, and there comes the point when sitting at the side, trying to talk as loud music plays, becomes tiresome. As such, one of the best things you can do for your guests is to set up a relaxing chill spot, where they can take a breather, enjoy a conversation, and build up their dancing energy once more. If you’re getting married in the summer, put it outside -- it’s always enjoyable to take a few moments in the cool summer night air after dancing away on the dancefloor. Throw a few candles out there, and you’ll make it easy for people to resist going home.

Baby Duties

Sometimes, a guest wants to stay until the early hours, but they have a problem -- their child is tired, and wants to go home/is no longer able to stay up at the party. Of all the reasons to call it a day at a party, this must be the most frustrating reason! So why not do something about it? By hiring a communal babysitter to look after the children on site, your guests will be able to stay on the dancefloor safe in the knowledge that their little ones are being well looked after.

Party Entrance Dances

They say you should start as you mean to go, so why not start in style? Everyone’s going to be waiting at the party for your arrival, why not make their wait worthwhile? There are plenty of inventive ways to arrive at a party -- in the months building up your big day, look to choreographing a dance with your partner. When you arrive, the mega song of your choosing will begin to play, and you’ll be able to wow your guests as you break out some serious moves on the dancefloor. The guests will love it, and will be inspired to follow suit by hitting the dancefloor themselves.

Add the Color

We live in a liberated age. Compared to the old days, we’re living in technicolor, in all aspects of our lives. While there’s something to be said for taking the classy route and having a traditional black and white themed wedding, it’s more exciting to add as much color as you can. Flowers, colorful drinks, accents, and other flair will all provide your day with a dose of vibrancy.

Costume Party

If you really want to mix things up, then why not look at having a themed wedding? And by that, we mean a dress code! Now, you shouldn’t make things too strict, otherwise, guests might find attending your wedding to be a stressful affair, but a simple colour code (make it bright) or dressing in the style of a particular decade (1920s, here we come) will give your wedding day another dimension.

Firework Displays

Finally, why not look at rounding off your day by lighting up the sky with fireworks? It’s a lovely way to celebrate the joy of the day, as well as your love. Everyone loves fireworks!

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