DIY: Handmade Wire Bracelet

A handmade gift can give joy to both the receiver and the giver. The person who receives the gift can feel special that someone spent time for a unique creation made just for them and the creator of the gift can feel a sense of achievement to see that their effort and imagination is the source of happiness for someone they love.

If you are feeling creative and ready to make a handmade piece of jewelry for a friend, a relative, your bridesmaids or even yourself, here is a simple tutorial on how to create a bracelet using wire.

What you are going to need:
0.80 mm wire
0.30 mm wire
crystals or other kind of beads
rounded object like a pen
scissors or wire cutter
pliers (optionally to bend the edges of your bracelet, otherwise use your hands)

You can find craft wire in many colors. A half hard wire will be appropriate as it is soft enough to be easy to work with, but it won't be too fragile.
Aluminum wire is very flexible and handy and very affordable, but it isn't recommended for large surfaces as it can bend easily.
Alternatively, to make your piece more expensive you can use silver or gold wire.

There are tools to use to form circles with the wire, but to avoid this expense you can use other objects like a pen, a coin and anything else that can provide round shapes.

To start with your creation take the wider wire and somewhere around the middle place the round object and make the first circle that will serve as a hook for the clasp at the end. To close the circle turn the wire around itself twice.

Continue creating circles in the same way until you think the length is enough to cover your wrist.

Bend the remaining wire with the help of a pair of pliers or your fingers. 

Here I have formed a heart.

Then you are going to use the thinner wire. This is a time-consuming task, but it's going to give your piece of jewelry a character and hardness.

Start tying the thinner wire around the thicker one from one edge of the bracelet. Go around the half circle and when you reach the join between two circles, put a crystal through the wire and tie it around it.
I have chosen a zig zag route.

Don't worry if your wire isn't long enough to cover the whole length of your bracelet. You can tie the edge of your wire at a join of two circles and continue with a new piece of wire.

I have also secured the heart at the edge of the bracelet with some wire and a crystal too.

At the end you need to give your bracelet a round shape. You can use a round item such as a bottle or  a jar. 

To finish instead of using a clasp, you can bend the first circle of your bracelet to make it look like a hook which can adjust at the other edge of the bracelet.

Your creation is ready!

If you find tying the wire around the circles very tiring, you can skip this step and just tie the crystals.

Are you going to try it?

You can see a similar creation with copper wire here.

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