All You Need To Know About Asian Weddings

If you are lucky enough to attend or be part of an Asian wedding then you are in for a treat. They are extremely popular and unique because of their rich culture and tradition. There are so many exciting and intriguing elements which glue together to make the perfect Asian wedding day; from the masses of sparkly Asian jewellery and stunning makeup to the intricately decorated clothing and beautifully adorned venues. This article will provide you with an insight into the world of Asian weddings. It is not only useful to those hosting or attending one but anyone interested in the culture, looking for inspiration and ideas for their wedding or for those of you who are simply looking to broaden your general knowledge.

As is the case for most weddings, the venue of an Asian wedding is vitally important. There are a ton of stunning venues, and so you are assured to find the perfect Asian wedding venue for you. If an Asian wedding is being held in the US, it is even more important that the venue is culture filled and brimming with tradition, everything should be and feel authentic.

When it comes to Asian weddings there are a whole host of customs and rituals which are involved. This is what makes them truly unique, intriguing and interesting. However, not all couples opt to include or participate in all of them. Nevertheless, most do as they have a deep meaning and religious worth which is extremely important to a lot of Asians. For instance, one of the most common and valued rituals is the tea ceremony which is performed at Chinese weddings. Considering, planning and remembering the array of rituals and ceremonies involved in an Asian wedding may seem like an extremely difficult and stressful challenge to you and me. However, most Asian couples are lucky enough to have their family on hand who will help them learn the rituals.

The day itself is extravagant. Companies like The Bartender Company ensure that the drinks are flowing, and you can expect delicious and luxurious food too.

The final aspect of an Asian wedding is the most exciting part for the women; hair, jewellery, clothing, and make-up. Asian women adorn themselves in the most gorgeous jewellery and clothing, with the more - the better being their main mantra. Their gowns are adorned in the most stunning jewels and colours and their hair and makeup is striking and immaculate; the bride is a truly stunning sight to behold on her big day. Which is no surprise considering the amount of time, effort and money which goes into the outfit creation and the beautifying process. Nevertheless, very few could argue that it is not worth it.

So there you have it; an insight into the world of Asian weddings. From the venue, to the bride’s clothing, jewellery and makeup to the intriguing traditions and the intricate and exciting rituals, ceremonies and customs, they truly are a beautiful occasion. You will be farfetched to find another culture which provides so much tradition, excitement and uniqueness in their wedding ceremonies.

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