5 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Considering that the biggest and the most highly anticipated day is coming your way, you can't focus on everything at once. You have to start planning months in advance in order to make everything perfect. Of course, you and your wedding gown will be the most talked about topic, but your guests shouldn't be left out with poor gift choices. And since we know you would do anything for the people who are dear to you, we have listed a few wedding favor ideas you simply won’t be able to resist shower your guests with.

For those who were born with a sweet tooth

There are only two types of people in the world. Those who eat to live, and those who live to eat. If your squad belongs to the second group, then their name on your guest lists is well deserved. Not only are they the most incredible humans, but they would also appreciate your effort of expressing thanks in the most delicious way there is. Think of their favorite candy or chocolate, and get it wrapped in a clear bag with a ribbon to match your wedding color scheme, and make sure it has a name tag. As for the chocolate favors, always play on the safe side and go for luxurious ones such as Godiva, Fererro or Haigh's. Think of a quote or an expression every individual guest loves or uses, and have it written on their tags. These bags are perfect to be placed on the table, and their size is pretty convenient to fit in ladies' purses just in case your female friends decide to eat them on their way back home. On the other hand, if you don't want your little goodie bag to be transparent, use a gift box instead.

Simplicity is always in style

A simple rose gold heart embroidered on a matchbox and a floral white candle is the ultimate indicator of your classy side. And what's a better way to spread the romance of your big day and flaunt your posh taste than having these little cuties placed on your guests’ tables? The least you can do is to think outside the box and give your guests a sweet and unique gift that will always remind them they were once part of your wedding journey. Besides, it's not like you're getting married every day, so make it special and worthy.

Up close and personal(ized)

There's nothing better than the feeling that someone has thought of you on their special day and wanted to make your presence count as well. A lot of amazingly crafted custom products could be used to put a smile on your friends' face, and an initial necklace is just one of them. A subtle initial charm necklace in gold or silver is a great way to express love and gratitude to your girls, and they will be able to wear it for every occasion. As for the guys, make it special with gold hardware stickers that can let them personalize almost anything they want, from wallets to passport holders, cell phones, masks and suitcases.

I'm not like a regular bride, I'm a cool bride

Show your peeps you're no reggie when it comes to the wedding favors game, and surprise them with a unique fragrance diffuser in rose, Sakura, lavender or pink violet. Whether they place it at home, at the office or anywhere else, these essential oils will create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and improve their mood. What's more, they will be thankful they've been gifted something they would never think of buying for themselves.

Beauty and the beast inspired

Ever since we've watched the movie of the same name, we've been obsessing over the famous red rose in a glass dome wishing to find our eternal love. Although such gift would be too big for your wedding favors, you can compensate it with the most perfect replica of a single rose in an acrylic box that lasts an entire year! The best part of this gift is that you don't have to maintain or water it. They are perfectly preserved, and the only thing you should be doing is smelling the scent and enjoying its beauty. Plus, I'm sure your manly man guests would love it as well.

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