Photo Or Video, What’s Best For You?

Some professional photographers can cover up to 200 weddings a year when they work for a low-cost agency. Independent professionals tend to shoot on average 3 to 6 weddings a month. While there are significant differences in result and communication, this disparity serves a purpose: Everyone wants to capture images of their big days. Your budget becomes the decisive factor when it comes to picking a one size fits all package vs an independent expert.

However, as many couples try to set their budget ahead, they face an important question. Should you rather have photos or videos of your wedding ceremony and reception? Opinions are divided on the subject. The popularity of wedding videos on YouTube could force your hand towards a video service only, for instance. Or maybe you could ask a friend to film the best moments on their smartphone while the photographer captures glimpses of the party. Ultimately, it’s a difficult choice. Here’s what you get from each option:

To capture the magic of a moment
If you’re in the midst of planning your big day, it’s fair to say that you might have a look at a few videos for inspiration. From the venue decor to the first dance, YouTube is filled with exciting scenes that make you reconsider your expectations. You’ve probably come across the fantasticrendition of Thriller by the groom and his groomsmen online or even the overly cheerful church entrance of a young couple who’s got everyone dancing down the aisle. For scenes like these, you know that professional filming the day will get you the best results and could even help you to create magical moments – if you’re looking for inspiration, see Snow Shoe Productions for more ideas about fantastic wedding films. Ultimately, you might want to remember a little more than just a funny dance!

A snapshot to trigger your memory
Photos act as triggers that can bring back the emotions of your special day. A professional photographer will get to know you weeks or months before the reception as they need to understand your wishes, your personalities and your overall theme to capture the best pictures of the event. Most photographers plan a few shots ahead of the day. You might find that your photographer needs to gain access to the venue in the days before the wedding to prepare the best shot angles and find the right filter for your decor. Your photographer acts as a quirky reminder of the little things that made your wedding fantastic. From edgy shots to emotional moments, you can revive the day through the photo album.

Why you might need both
A wedding video serves as a short testimony of the day, which you can watch on your anniversary together. In comparison, photos are easier to share and use. For a start, you can turn your wedding photos into thank you cards, or you could print out your favourite shot on a canvas. A film will show the main object of attention – aka you – while you can see more of your guests on photos.

If you were to choose between videos and photos, the choice would have to focus on what you want to remember from the day. While a film will immortalise the moments in which you are the hero, photos can capture the mood in the room. The combination of both can ensure memories that will never die! 

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