Formal Dress For Your Wedding - 3 Tips To Follow

When you’re taking care of your wedding, there are many different things to consider. However, one of the most fun parts is ensuring that the page boys, bridesmaids and assorted other guests are themed to replicate your aesthetic. This gives everything a uniform and beautiful quality that offers a sense of real loving formality. However, it can be hard to design to choose how or what to implement when crafting your dress from top to bottom. No matter who you are, it’s important to consider that your wedding should be personal to you, and that with your groom you should decide upon something you both enjoy.

But deciding on even the starting implements can be hard to do. Thankfully, if you keep our advice in mind, you should be able to take care of this no problem at all. Consider:

One Or Two Primary Colors

One or two primary colors is a great way to ensure that everyone in your bridal procession can easily fit with your theme. Of course, you’ll likely be choosing the bridesmaid dresses and the page boy suits or at least the color schemes they follow. Giving everyone the chance to accessorize easily, even if it’s just a rose in the same color, can help them all look cohesive and beautiful walking down the aisle with you. Consider what color you might enjoy wearing most, which one has the best meaning for you. While different colors might mean different things, all that matters is how you respond to seeing them.

For example, if you’ve both lived in a property with its famous bright orange door, a place you cherish and intend to live in for the next years of your life, a bright orange accessory might work well when crafting your outfits. While many people try to find the items that make them look best, or that they can afford, sometimes finding the right item for you means finding something personal, no matter what other people say. People might find theming yourself in the same colors as your favorite soccer team quite a distasteful thing to do, but if you and your partner share a love for the club and it makes you happy, who is to say you’re wrong for doing that?

Fun Accessories

Fun accessories can help bring your wedding to the next level, giving that sense of levity and comfort you might really wish to adopt. Tiaras, fun flower adornments, and even different forms of adornment such as a beautiful collar bar can switch up the pace for the usual crafting of outfits that people expect at a wedding. You might consider the bridal gown to be the most serious of outfits at the wedding, with no room for anything of levity or joy. But wearing a brooch that your mother used to wear, or a respectful heirloom of your fathers, or something that both signifies love and that uplifting feeling of mutual care can truly give you a sense of presence, of wonder and of calm.

Personal Context

Formal accessories, and perhaps alternatives to your normal dress, are worth considering. You might decide to wear something more relevant to your culture, such as scottish kilts for your wedding, or a traditional piece of clothing as a compliment to your main outfit. There is no reason why you need to follow the suit/dress formula either. You might both turn up in suits, and vice versa. You might even decide to wear more casual gear. You might decide to enjoy a better, more down to Earth and grounded ceremony in which thousands on suits and dresses isn’t needed to declare your love for one another.

Formality is what you make of it, and what the situation requires. If you’re getting married on a boat, a dress with a ten foot train might not be appropriate, for example. Consider how the tradition or change in proceedings might contribute to how you dress, and never feel pressured to follow down a certain path just because your family values tradition. Conversely, never feel afraid of following strict tradition just because your friends suggest they might not want to do that. Your wedding is your wedding. Once again, your wedding is your wedding, so it’s important to do everything you can to make this day perfect for you, your betrothed alone.

With these tips, you are sure to dress for your wedding correctly, as your personal situation calls for it. We wish you nothing but best wishes on this special day.

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