The Ultimate Shoe Guide for Weddings

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Your wedding day should be perfect, but you already know that. Apart from spending a lot of money on the decoration and the venue, and also saving a lot on your wedding dress, it's also very important to invest in shoes.

 After all, if Carrie Bradshaw taught us anything other than being in bad relationships, it is that shoes are indeed a girl's best friend. This means that you definitely need to pick the best shoes for this occasion – it's your special day and there’s no way you’ll feel more special than by wearing a wedding gown while standing next to the love of your life in the most beautiful shoes that you can find. Here you have some tips on which shoes to pick, so if you have no idea what to footwear to go with for your big day, take a look.

1. Elegant stilettos

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If you’re an old soul and you love elegant and classic pieces of clothing, then the best idea would be to go with classic, closed-toes elegant stilettos. These always look good, and if you choose white or beige, you can’t go wrong. Most brides opt for this footwear, which means that there’s a proof about how great it looks. This is also the best option if your wedding dress is a bit edgier and has a unique appearance – you don’t want to choose edgy shoes as well, as it might seem as too much.

2. What about lace?

Is there anything sexier than lace? Probably not, that’s the reason why most of our underwear consists of this ultra-sexy material. Now, if your wedding gown doesn’t have lace (which might be a bit difficult to find, but then again there is a plethora of minimalistic wedding dresses without lace), you can choose white lace high heels to break this minimalism. Christian Louboutin has, for example, magnificent lace high heels in white color which could be a great option for your attire.

3. Go black with white

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In order to make your appearance more interesting, you can always opt for shoes that are of different color than white or beige. Even though you can choose whichever color you want, going with black might be a great and very unique idea. If you’re a rocker, for example, and you somehow still wanted that fairytale wedding, you can show your rebellious side by choosing high-quality heels in black color – it’s statement footwear and a very good one for that matter. On another plus side, if the groom is wearing a black suit, then you can definitely match your footwear to his appearance. Rock couple goals!

4. Something blue

You have something old, new and borrowed, but you have trouble finding something blue? What does it mean anyways, and why would you spend hours trying to see where to fit this color? If this is the case, try shoes! First of all, if you find an elegant pair of navy blue or baby blue shoes, it can match perfectly to your white wedding dress, and secondly, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Manolo Blahnik, for example, as great pairs of blue wedding shoes. Even though the custom is to have white or some light-colored footwear, this is not a rule, as you can wear whatever you want.

5. Golden

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Nothing screams luxury more than white and golden colors combined. And since it might be very difficult for you to feature this color on the wedding dress without looking trashy, you can always choose shoes that are white and have golden heels, for example. It looks hella expensive, and more importantly, very classy.

6. Go with the dusty rose trends

Dusty rose is an extremely popular color and is featured in all the aspects of fashion, so why not on your wedding? First of all, the color is very light, which means that it will match perfectly with your wedding dress and definitely won’t be popping out very much. Moreover, it looks very soft, elegant and tender, and finally, it can give you that small touch of difference and uniqueness that you’ve been looking for.

7. What about olive?

Olive green is not a color that’s very dominant on weddings, which means that your wedding might be the most original your guests have ever attended. At least when your outfit is concerned, because wearing olive heels really does look amazing. If you opt for this option, though, make sure that you use a minimalistic pair of shoes, as edgy and olive don’t go together for weddings – it might seem too much and quite tacky.   Never underestimate the power of shoes, ladies! First of all, make sure to know what color you want your footwear to be, and then choose the style. Nobody can tell you what to do, just wear whatever you think looks perfect. After all, it’s your day!

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