How to Make Your Wedding Photos Unique

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You could be the photographer, the bride or the groom – regardless of what you are, you have the task of creating the best possible wedding photos for the upcoming ceremony. Even though photographs aren’t on the top of the priority list, it doesn’t mean that they are insignificant. On the contrary – having amazing wedding photographs is an important process of retaining memories for the decades to come. 

It would be nice to go through your wedding photographs a couple of decades later and still be mesmerized by how great they look. In order to make your wedding photos unique but still legendary, there are a couple of tricks that you should have up your sleeve. Take a look:

1. The process starts weeks before

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The most important part of making excellent wedding photos is to actually have in mind all the spots that you’re going to feature. Go around the town or city, and pay attention to all the secret spots that are photogenic. Since you want to be quite diverse, you want to be looking at more spots – you can always include a park or a botanical garden because it’s always good to have a dash of green in your photos. However, you can also opt for a nice, antique bar or a restaurant that’s not quite popular or crowded but still looks very cool. Making a list of all the possible locations a couple of weeks before the shooting day is a great idea, as you want to be quite sure those are the places you want to feature.

2. Use a certain filter

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If you’re not a photographer, then there might be a chance you don’t even know what a filter is. However, it’s always good to point this out to your photographer, and make him choose the right filter for you. Using the same filter on all of your photographs will make them more unified in a way, because they will all feature the same color or the same effect. You can always opt for a vintage filter that makes your photographs look a bit more old-fashioned – even though this will cut down on the saturation of the colors and make them look earthier, it actually makes all the photographs look classy and unified. The filter is also a great way to add a theme to your photographs, which is excellent if you don’t have a leitmotif that binds them all together.

3. Add a touch of edgy


Yes, having ordinary and romantic photographs should be your main goal, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go crazy a little and be a bit edgier than usual. This is a great way to make your wedding photos more unique, and in order to do that you can always opt for different footwear, for example. Since they look great on both guys and girls, having a couple of photographs while wearing great New Balance shoes is something that many will like and applaud to. They are very fashionable and thanks to the rise of athleisure, they match nicely with formal clothing. Not only do they look excellent in photographs, but this will also show the playful side of your relationship and how well you connect with each other. It’s OK to think a bit more out of the box and document how playful and funny you can be together.

4. Catch the moments

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As far as the ceremony is concerned, you probably won’t be there to dictate to the photographer how to take your photos, but you can always tell them in advance that you want him to catch moments rather than actually taking portraits of your guests. Seeing people dance and smile while not knowing they are being photographed always results in the most beautiful photographs of the wedding. It shows the true happiness of your guests as well as your own and it is more intimate; therefore, you will cherish them once the ceremony is done.   Don’t think that photographs are not important. Once everything is done and when a couple of years pass, the only thing that you will have to remember this magical day by are the photographs, so yes – they are quite important. And your job is to make them memorable.

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