The Top Wedding Trends of 2018

As vital as they are, wedding elements such as the cake, décor, music and setting still have a long way to go before they can even become nearly as important as the style of the bride. After all, this is her day, and the ‘all eyes on the bridal beauty’ cliché still rings true. The grooms have certainly upped their game in the recent years, but then again, the brides have taken things to new levels as well, so it’s safe to say that they still ‘have the floor’.

Now, as ‘regular’ trends change every year, thanks to innovative and inspired designers all over the globe, so do the bridal trends, and today we bring you the very best, crème de la crème, if you will, of bridal style trends. Whether you’re traditional, or a bride-to-be whose style is so outside the box that the box has become almost invisible, you are bound to find something worthy of your big day, worthy of your beauty and personal sense of style.
Say yes, but to which dress?

One of the most dominant runway trends of the season has definitely been, and will continue to be, the pastel trend. It hence doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the main wedding dress trends are precisely pastel dresses. Straying from traditional white isn’t anything new, as we have in the past been witness to champagne, red and even the unforgettable Vera Wang black wedding dresses, but pastels are definitely new, and so angelically gorgeous that it’s safe to assume that many a bride will say yes to this particular kind of dress.

Of course, not all pastels ‘made the cut’, and the ones that did are the pastel pink – such as this gorgeous Lazaro gown with a heavily embellished yet still subtle spaghetti strap top, and the dusty pastel blue by Leanne Marshall. Of course, there are many ways to ‘go pink’ – case in point Gwen Stefani’s ombre pink dress, so it’s just a matter of preference, and quite frankly, boldness. A dress like this calls for something classic in the shoe department, so go for a shoe or sandal in a matching hue, or if you want to add a touch of whimsy to the look, there is always the quirky Irregular Choice and their playful but gorgeous bridal collection.

A surprising twist

We could see pastels coming, but many have been completely blindsided by the cobalt blue wedding dress trend. This powerful color is definitely meant for a bride who has no intention of dressing inside the box, as this is an extremely powerful and poignant color, the one that truly makes a statement. It’s safe to say that everything will literally pale in comparison, so if you do opt for this bold shade, make sure the groom wears a suit that’s even darker as coordination is still important. A dress like this doesn’t need to be overshadowed, so when it comes to footwear, definitely opt for something neutral that won’t steal the focus.
The modern bride

Who says you have to wear a dress at all? There are no rules anymore, and as this is your day, you get to call the shots. This is precisely why the wedding jumpsuit trend has been gaining popularity – it makes for a great statement, it’s alternative, but still incredibly chic. The bonus – it’s incredibly comfortable and allows the bride to move, dance, and just feel light and breezy. Depending on the cut and fabric, it can look sharp or sizzling hot, and even tantalizing, so whatever your style persona is, you will definitely find the kind of jumpsuit that fits the bill.

Now, since this is a fairly simple choice of attire in terms of cut, the perfect way to elevate the look, and give it just a touch of that expected bridal sparkle, is to go with trending feathery and bejeweled shoes. Our definite recommendation is the impeccably crafted heels from the Badgley Mischka bridal collection, which are the exact ‘too much’ you need to complete the look.

Bring on the color

We have a sneaking suspicion that Angelina Jolie is responsible for this particular bridal trend, and that she in fact single-handedly brought a splash of color into the wedding dress universe. The unforgettable custom-made gown which featured drawings made by her children has sparked the appearance of white gowns embellished with different prints, including florals that come in a plethora of colors, and even though, according to bridal fashion experts, this trend isn’t expected to dominate for another year or two, it’s obvious that certain brides are already creating the path for patterned gowns, so you might as well be one of the pioneers.

When it comes to the footwear choice, it all depends on the style. If you’re a bohemian soul such as Poppy Delevigne, you might even want to opt for flats, but heels are always a classic and timeless choice. Don’t go overboard with the color or embellishments, as this kind of dress doesn’t need anything else stealing the spotlight.

The devil is in the details

The hairstyle is a major part of the whole thing, and it can make or break your look. Now, whether you go with a soft updo or decide to let your hair down and simply create soft and romantic waves, there is one trend that you must get on board with – the headpiece trend. Whether it will be silver, gold, or even made of flowers is completely up to you, but this little detail will make you look absolutely ethereal, and aside from that, it’s something that has a timeless quality to it. Even twenty years from now, it will still look amazing and not make you look at your photos regretting succumbing to a fleeting trend.

As for the makeup, every makeup artist will tell you not to follow trends – keep thing fresh and radiant, don’t go for cut-creases or other trendy techniques. Make sure you only accentuate your best features and use makeup to enhance them, not transform your face. Again, you want to look at your wedding album and not have a single regret.

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