The Guy's Guide To Looking Great On Your Wedding Day

It’s not just brides that want to look incredible on their wedding day. Grooms also want to look their best. If you’re preparing to say I do, and you’re eager to impress your beautiful bride, we’ve got you covered. Here is a guide to ensure you look great on your special day.

Choosing your wedding outfit

In the past, it was almost unheard of for grooms to veer off the well-trodden track when it came to wedding style, but today, the story is very different. If you take a look at wedding magazines or browse through photographers’ galleries, you’ll come across all kinds of different styles and vibes. While traditional outfits, such as tuxedos, formal suits and tailcoats are still popular, a growing number of grooms are taking a more informal, individual approach. If you’re looking for your wedding outfit, it’s wise to opt for a style that suits the occasion, and also your personality. If you love the traditional look, go for a 3-piece suit or a tux. If you don’t feel comfortable in something formal, you don’t have to wear a suit just because it’s a wedding staple. Try different outfits on and see how you feel. It’s your wedding day, so it’s crucial that you feel amazing when you put those clothes on.

Finishing touches

You look good, your outfit is sorted, and now it’s time to focus on those all-important final touches. Look at shirt stays to keep your shirt on point throughout the day, choose a tie, a bow tie or a neckerchief, and buy or borrow some cufflinks. Polish your shoes if you’re going for a formal look, take a shower, and spray on your favorite cologne. Try your outfit on with all the accessories and your shoes a week or so before the wedding, and make sure that you’re 100% happy. If you do need to make any final changes or modifications, this will give you time to get your look just right.

Looking and feeling your best

Many of us make an effort to look and feel our best on our wedding day. This usually involves trying to slim down, tone up, and get that healthy glow. Set yourself targets, and be honest with yourself. If you’re happy as you are, that’s absolutely fine, but if you know you’ll feel apprehensive in front of the camera or you’re eager to get in shape, it’s a good idea to start working towards your goals in advance.  If you wanted to tone up, for example, give yourself time to get into the swing of working out on a regular basis and paying attention to what you eat. It’s also wise to think about how you want to have your hair and your facial hair on the day and to take good care of your skin.

Are you preparing to tie the knot? If so, it’s natural to want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day. If you’re a groom who is keen to impress, hopefully, this guide will come in handy. Try on different outfits, embrace your individual style, and focus on feeling confident. Once you’ve got your outfit sorted, turn your attention to the details and try everything on in advance to make sure you’re completely happy.

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