Super Fun Wedding Gifts That Everyone Will Love

There’s a wedding just around the corner, and you don’t want to take an envelope with cash because that’s everything but original, and you want to live up to the expectations of your original gifts, right? A gift for a wedding is very difficult to choose – there’s always that possibility that you will spend a lot for something that the couple doesn’t need or want, and then again you might get something that only one can use, which is definitely not the point. Alas, the time of your thinking is finally over as we tried to take out some of the best and most original wedding gifts. Take a look:

Amazon Echo

One of the most original and thoughtful gifts that you can give someone in 2018 is definitely a personal assistant of a kind. This is why Amazon Echo is a great gift for everyone who’s into technology, and if they are, then you shouldn’t browse more. You will be giving them a personal assistant who can read the news, tell the weather, play music and much, much more. It definitely makes life easier, especially the one of the newlyweds since they have so much on their to-do list!

A great cookbook

This is certainly a great gift, but make sure that both of them love to cook, as you are not getting a present for just one of them. If you witnesses their cook-off or cooking together, and if you know that they enjoy in this act, then getting them an original cookbook might be a great choice. Since you want to be original and give them something that they will cherish forever, you can always opt for an international cookbook with recipes from many different cuisines of the world.

Bar cart

Even though it’s not very common, a bar cart is an excellent gift for all the romantic couples who want to surprise their other half with a breakfest in bed. It’s also great for sitting in the corner filled with booze of the highest quality (so if they’re drinkers, even better). It’s super classy, especially if you choose an antique one, and extremely unique.

Nespresso coffee machine

Let’s be real – all of us enjoy coffee and cannot start the day without a proper one. If you know this is the case with your friends who are getting married, then get them a Nespresso coffee machine with some of the tastiest Nespresso pods on the side. First of all you will make sure they drink high-quality coffee, and secondly – it’s a great gift that they will use daily. If you want to give them the whole package, you can add some chocolates that go well with coffee and voila. An excellent gift!

Suitcases for two

Take a look at the Instagram profiles of the couple – if at least one of them has the word “wanderlust” in their bio, it means that it’s time to get them matching suitcases. Not only because they love travelling, but also because there’s the honeymoon around the corner, and it would be excellent if they could pack their stuff in new suitcases. Moreover, this is something that everyone needs, so getting high-quality suitcases is an excellent gift.

Cocktail set

A somewhat different kind of gift, a cocktail set is a great thing for all the cocktail connoiseurs and avid cocktail drinkers, and if the wedding couple is, then you know what to get them. If you opt for this type of gift, though, make sure that you get them the most beautiful cocktail set there is. For example, there’s a great copper cocktail set that includes an ice bucket and two copper martini glasses by Mark and Graham which you can monogram by a laser to make it more personal. It’s definitely something that many cocktails lovers would love to have in their home.

Honeymoon gift card

Now this is something that not many people think of, yet it’s one of the best wedding gifts ever. If you happen to know the honeymoon destination of the wedding couple, you can always browse online and find the most interesting shops there, and get them a gift card that they could spend in that shop. If they’re visiting Disneyland, for example, get them a gift card to spend at the Disneyland Lego Store. Try to find a shop that’s amazing and super fun – something that you know your friends will not spend so much money in even though they like everything in it. This might be the gift that they’ve been waiting for all along.

Flower delivery subscription

There’s nothing that makes your home more entertaining and comfortable than a bunch of fresh flowers. And even though we always get some to put on our coffee table, there are times when we just forget. So, getting them a one or two-years subscription for flower delivery is an extremely thoughtful and interesting gift. You can choose the frequency of delivery, and you will be able to choose the size and the style of flowers.

As you can see, finding a good gift for a wedding is not a chore if you know what to look for and if you keep your mind open. So this time, forget the envelope with the cash and get your friends something from this list instead. They will definitely love it.

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