Interfaith Wedding Planning To Make It a Simple Process

If you and our loved one are of different faiths (even if you’re not active in it at the moment), then planning an interfaith wedding can be tricky as there are some challenges. For starters, you may have active practicing family members that want to see the wedding done in a certain way. You may also find the challenge of finding someone to officiate the wedding, depending on where you want the wedding to be held. Plus, it can be a complex choice to combine the two faiths to create a wedding that reflects the common values that you have, as well as the commitment, alongside the traditions that you may have each grown up with.

So how can you help to stop a roadblock in the wedding planning, if an interfaith wedding is one that you will be having? You have to remember that you love each other, and that when you met, it isn’t like you weren’t looking on a Muslim dating site, for example, where you might have found it easier to find someone of the same religion as yourself. But there are things that you can do to make the planning process simpler, and make the union of two families easier too. Here are some suggestions to help.

Plan a Long Engagement

When the wedding is going to combine cultures and different faiths, it can be a good idea to make plenty of time for the planning of the wedding. Which is why having a long engagement can be a good idea. During this time it allows you to talk in detail about what you expect, as well as down the line when you are married; what kind of religious occasions will you celebrate?


The chances are that if you have got to this level of a relationship where you are getting engaged, you will know a little bit about each other’s religion. But if neither of you are practicing, and only family members are, then you may not know all that much. So learn all you can about the other’s religion so you can show greater understanding as you and their family join together. It can help resolve issues later in life too, as you will know where each other and their views are coming from.

Be Patient

It is important to be patient with each other during this process, and especially with your family members and parents too. They can be upset that things aren’t going a certain way, for example. But being patient and remembering that it is only the dealing with their own unfulfilled expectations will help you; they will just need time to take it all in and adjust.

Include Both Faiths and Families

If you want to bring a little bit of both into the wedding itself, then you can get creative to do that, for sure. It may be that the ceremony is more one way, but the reception is more another way or features different aspects from each religion. For guests and family, it can be interesting to have a program filled with the details of each aspect, so they can enjoy, learn, and celebrate with you.

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