How To Have A Wedding That Reflects Who You Are

If you're planning a wedding, then you're probably already drowning in color charts, cake flavors, and invitations. Yes, there really is so much that you need to think about that you didn't even know existed. This is all just part of planning a wedding, and you will soon come to terms with the general gist of things. If you find yourself getting confused in the process, then you may decide on hiring a wedding planner to help you out. This doesn't mean that you’re cheating - you will still have full control over everything that goes on, it just means you don't have to do so many Google searches in one day like Wedding Tones explains.

The most important thing is for you to celebrate the love you both have for one another, and figure out a way of doing that that best represents you and your personalities. You don't have to be traditional and formal and try and recreate moments that you've seen out of a magazine. - It's all about you guys, so it should be unique and different. Never feel as though you need to conform or fit a mould just because you're getting married and older relatives are attending. - You do you!

Here are a couple of things to think about.

The transport
You are going to need to get from A to B on your big day, and that means choosing a vehicle to do that for you. You can have anything from a scooter, to a 4x4, there really are no rules as long as you can find a rental company that can provide you with what you need. If you have an entourage with you as you move, then you will need to think about how you are going to bring them with you. In this case, a limo from http://www.fl-limousine.com/limo-service-fort-lauderdale would be perfect. Not only do you have the necessary space you need, but you can also have a little pre-party and pop a bottle. (It's never too early when it's your wedding day!)

The outfits
The dress and the tux are what will be the main focus when you walk up and down the aisle, and it's also the thing that best describes you. So when shopping for that perfect outfit, don't let anyone try and talk you round and persuade you to get something that you aren't in love with. As a bride, if you don't feel as though you want to wear a long white gown - don't. If you want to rock out in a short funky red dress, so be it. Or if you don't feel like wearing a dress at all, and much prefer to wear a trendy suit - you can. Sure, you may shock people by being so different, but the most important thing is that you're comfortable in what you're wearing, and know that when you look back over photos, you'll be proud of your decision.

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