Honeymoon Packing Guide

So the wedding ceremony is over and it's finally time to relax, and enjoy the time with your partner. Your honeymoon should be the most romantic adventure you two have ever gone on, but in order to make it simple and perfect you need to have all the necessities packed and ready to go. Of course, what you pack depends a lot on your desired destination as well as on the planned activities. So here to help you here is a very comprehensible honeymoon packing guide for some of the most popular types of destinations.
An all destination must-haves

Some things are universal and you simply have to have them, otherwise, you won’t end up having such a great time. So let’s see, passports are a must, and don’t forget to check in advance if the destination you are planning to visit also requires a visa, this is especially important if you have planned your trip by yourselves without involving an agency. The next must have is an all clear bill of health, this means that you have all the required shots needed for visiting some of the more exotic destinations. Travel insurance is an absolute must, you want to have all your cost covered in case everything doesn’t exactly go according to plan. And finally, don’t forget about money. In some countries, you won’t be able to pay with a credit card for everything, so some cash is needed. And as they say, don’t put it all in one place, have some emergency cash spots in your luggage. Now it's time to get to the specifics.
A beach resort honeymoon

Some would say the best kind of vacation. Just you and your partner enjoying the sun and see, bathing, drinking cocktails and simply cherishing each other's company. For most of , this is the ideal honeymoon when it comes to packing as well. All you need to do is pack a great selection of bikinis, some kaftans and a pair or two of flip flops. Of course, you can add a dress or two for those romantic evening dinners. But the best part is, if you forget anything, you are bound to find it in one of the resort shops. So don't stress, pack light and enjoy your honeymoon.

Off the beaten path

If you are a more adventurous couple who loves exploration and going off the beaten path, then your packing game needs to be upgraded. So first of all, you are definitely going to need a bigger selection of clothes depending on the destination, accommodation and weather conditions. So pack both warm and cold options. Next is the type of activities you might consider, if it is hiking, or exploring the wilderness you two are interest in, you have to have the right pair of shoes. Maybe they won’t be the most stylish ones but they will keep you safe. In addition, you should also consider upgrading your first aid kit with some insect protection and even an epipen, if your honeymoon takes you too far into the wilderness it might be quite handy. And finally, make sure you bring enough tech with you, additional phone batteries, preferably solar charger, and if need be, a satellite phone is always a good option if you are planning to go off exploring the uncharted territories.

Enjoying a bit of history

For those of you who prefer to spend their holidays exploring some historic locations or discovering beautiful old cities around the world, there are definitely some packing adjustments. You don’t have to go overboard like in the previous paragraph, but here are some must-haves you shouldn't overlook. Once again, comfortable shoes, so that you can walk for long instances exploring the selected destinations. Secondly, check for electricity options in the country of your choice, chances are you are going to need converters for your phone chargers and other gadgets. Finally, don’t forget to check the laws on dress codes, as you might have to have to be able to cover up, so it is best to travel prepared.

You are now ready to set off on your honeymoon, everything is packed and it is time to enjoy the alone time with the person of your dreams.

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