Essential Makeup Rules for Every Bride

Have you already picked out your perfect dress? Good, then the makeup will be a no-brainer once you comb through this simple, but thorough guide for your special day beauty routine. There’s already too much chaos surrounding your wedding planning process, so making some of its parts a little less intimidating will help you take the edge off and look forward to the big day.
Let’s take a look at beautifying bridal essentials that will help you not only look stunning, but also accentuate your most lovely features, and make you feel comfortable – you might even forget you’re wearing makeup at all!
Start with skincare
Before we can talk makeup, you should remind yourself of all the best picks in your skincare that will prep your pores for your wedding. After all, there is no makeup in this world that can help you “make up” for the lost hours of sleep, no exfoliation, or a poor selection of moisturizers. And remember, in order for you to make the most of your wedding look, start refining your skincare several weeks before the big day.

Depending on the season, start weeding out the products that are simply a burden. Summers need a lighter moisturizer, and more powerful SPF at your disposal, but winters are no excuse to neglect your sun protection, or slather too much heavy creams. You can go the extra mile for your skin and add a mask such as the Quench hydrating mask perfect for rejuvenating and revitalizing your complexion!
Schedule your trial day

Whether you’re doing your own makeup, you have a very skillful friend who has volunteered, or you plan to go pro for the big day, you should always have at least one trial in the weeks before the wedding. Consider having two or three, if you can, so as to minimize any chance of mistakes, and to make sure that your skin reacts well to the chosen products.
Before you book your practice makeup session, you can also collect a few images online as to what sort of a look you’d like to achieve. Try to find someone with similar facial features and always color-coordinate depending on your own eye shade and your dress. These trials are a perfect opportunity to see what hues will be the best match for your overall look!
Think picture-perfect

Some brides like the recently popularized nude look with minimal makeup, while other brides like to put on their favorite makeup picks for their special day. No matter your preference, certain items should be on your must-have list in order to achieve that even-toned, radiant complexion that will not just dazzle your future spouse, but also look incredible on every photo you take on the big day.
For that spotless, no-cake look, go for a nourishing primer that packs on a punch with plenty of antioxidants. It’s a great choice as a stand-alone product without any makeup, but it also works wonders to help keep your makeup on for longer without disturbance in many weather conditions, so it will work either way. A lip balm or a hydrating red lipstick in a tone suitable for your look is another excellent option to make your pout pop, while just a touch of eyeshadow can give you a refreshed look in an instant!
Details in the spotlight

Although your gown will be the talk of the day, creating a complete beauty look to go with your style should be a fun experience. Take into account your own comfort and preferences – will you want to have longer nails or keep them short? Will you want to keep your hair up or down?
You can match the colors of your nail polish and your lips or add a bit of decoration in the shape of some gloss and glitter. Depending on the hue of your gown, consider a pair of shoes that will either clash with the ensemble or fit perfectly with the entire look. Both color-blocking and matching can work, so it depends on your preference, not the trend.
Cleanse and nourish inside and out
You have months to go before the actual event, so there’s no need for any crash diets or depriving yourself of any nourishment. On the contrary, it’s time to devise a structured meal plan that will include plenty of water for every day, so as to avoid the dehydrated, puffy, tired look.
Add to that a few detoxing skincare sessions and pampering rituals, and your complexion will be gorgeous for the special day. Just like getting rid of sugary and processed munchies will cleanse your pores, so will the right selection of deep-cleansing exfoliation methods – so cleanse your skin in more ways than one!

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