83% of Wedding Planning Is Done Online: 4 Internet Resources to Utilize

The modern wedding requires instant access to plans and shareable content across multiple devices, which is why so many couples now use online tools to track every detail. From spreading announcements across social media to researching the perfect photographer, you should know how to plan everything from the comfort of your home before it’s time to walk down that aisle.
Use Google Search Expertly
As much as it seems to be a given that you’ll use Google’s search engine, remember there are many ways to apply different filters and settings to get the most accurate results. The image search function can help you a lot when you want to find examples of poses and themes to take to a wedding photographer or research the work of photographers near you.
Make Pinterest Your Second Home
It’s an industry favorite for a reason, and that’s because Pinterest makes it so easy to build collections and gather articles, pictures and blog posts into one place. The app and browser extensions make it even easier to grab ideas quickly on any device. Share it with the rest of the people on your wedding plans committee so they can see the vision come to life while you pin to your heart’s content.
Create Your Registries Online
When you’re planning a wedding, time is a precious commodity and there are never enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Registering for gifts can feel like being a kid in a candy shop, but not if you’re pressed for time and can’t think straight while you’re in the store. Look for universal online registries that include multiple retailers to make it simple and straightforward.
Share Calendars and to-Do Lists
Online calendars and to-do lists take out all the guesswork of scheduling so many moving parts and busy people who may even live across the country or the world. In order for everything to come together in perfect unison for the big day, make liberal use of these digital tools and keep everyone else updated with synced notifications on every device.
Your big day should be as stress-free as possible in order for you and your loved ones to create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Now that it’s so easy to search for, store and share your ideas, schedule and to-do lists, you can make the most of these popular online tools to plan for your special day.

About the author:
Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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