Frugal Wedding Ideas that Won’t Take the Magic Out of Your Big Day

Saving money on your wedding day does not mean it has to look cheap and nasty. There are things you can do to save a lot of money without compromising the best day of your life.

Keep The Number Of Guests Down

Every guest you invite to your wedding is going to increase the cost. Keep your wedding list to the must-haves and really wants, and leave the maybes off it. It is too easy to start planning a wedding for 100 guests and end with 200 instead. You need to be brutal and only invite those that you can really afford to. Most uninvited people will understand your reasoning and not be too upset that they did not get an invite.

Ask For Help Instead Of Gifts

If on your guest list there are people with talents that you are going to have to pay for, ask them to help you as their wedding present. If you have a cousin that bakes amazing cakes or an aunt that owns a flower store, see if they will help you as your wedding gift, or at the very least give you a huge discount.

Go for Modest Rings

It isn’t for everyone, but if you’re the type of couple who aren’t really into bling, looking at silicone rings for men and women, and using them as your wedding rings instead of far more expensive precious metal versions can be a sensible choice. They look surprisingly good and they’re way more comfortable too!

Avoid The Cost Of Hiring A Venue

It can be very expensive to hire a venue for your wedding and reception, so why not use your own home, perhaps with a wedding tent, or the home of a relative that has a large garden. The photos taken outside can be very picturesque. If the weather forecast is not too good, it would be cheaper to hire a marque to erect in the garden and keep you and your guests dry of it should pour with rain.

Watch The Cost of Catering

When you are talking to caterers, $15 to $20 dollars per head does not sound too expensive, but with 100 people at your wedding that is at least $1500. That is a lot of money, and for a fraction of that price you and your family could do the catering yourselves.

Moms, aunts, sisters, cousins will all be happy to help, and as long as you keep it simple and organized the meal could be as good as any professional caterer would have provided.

Signature Drinks

Tradition says that there should be a few bottles of wine on the table to toast the bride and groom, so stick to that tradition, but to cut the costs of alcohol overall, instead of making absolutely every drink available, create a signature wedding cocktail that your guests can have for free. If they want anything else, they’ll need to pay for it themselves. It might sound mean, but actually, it makes the day far more special and bespoke and saves you money in one area that can be pretty expensive if you let it.

As you can see, getting married on a budget need not make your day any less special, and if money does need to be watched, you should be spending any you have to spare on a honeymoon afterwards, or perhaps setting yourself up in a new home, instead of blowing it all on one day, when you can make just as many special memories for far less.

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