French Riviera Honeymoon Essentials

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Trends, including beach and resort trends, may change, but there is something special about how eternal and true to form the French Riviera, popular honeymoon destination, has stayed through many decades. Granted, it has allowed certain trends to enter and blend with the luxurious and timeless surroundings, but it always somehow makes sure to hold on to its identity and unique look. It’s like there is an unspoken rule that, once you land at the Riviera, you have to honor fashionistas such as Grace Kelly when you stand and walk in the exact same spots she did. At the French Riviera time almost stands still, and in order to look like you truly belong, there are certain style staples you must carry with you for your lovely honeymoon and pay homage to by creating outfits that keep the trademark style of the Riviera alive. 
Breton top

When envisioning yourself at the Riviera one of the first outfits that you simply have to rock is one containing a classic Breton top. It can be long or short-sleeved, but as long as the cut and the neckline as well as the staple stripes are present, you can play with a variety of them. One of the absolute best things about a Breton top is that it oozes the signature Riviera upscale elegance but it’s still casual enough, not to mention that classic stripes can be perfectly matched with most garments to create chic and breezy outfits.

No offence to all other beaches, but there is a certain level of almost historic sophistication when it comes to the beaches of the Riviera. Even here you have to put your best, chicest look forward and that absolutely entails choosing a chic and minimal bikini. Whites and gentle blue pastels are the perfect choice as these color are the embodiment of the destination’s vibes, just make sure they’re chic and just the right amount of sexy, and of course, always have an almost ethereal white cover-up, like a crochet or lace kimono.
Elegant pieces

As said, this is no ordinary getaway, so don’t be afraid of bringing your A-game when it comes to sleek and chic garments. For instance, a strapless jumpsuit in a pastel pink hue totally fits the bill, and it’s not only meant to be worn during evening time. No, with the right pair of white mules or slides, you can totally rock this look for afternoon cocktails or a classy lunch.

No one ever said that a pop of color is forbidden from entering the Riviera. Sheer full-length chiffon dresses with florals are definitely welcome, but so are the cute and preppy sailor dresses such as the ones sultry Sophia Loren wore back in the day. After all, Riviera doesn’t conform with the style rules of the rest of the world, so you can go as vintage as you like. Oh, and just in case a gala or a super romantic night is in the cards for you, go for the slip dress. Always timeless and trendy, seductive yet modest, and when in doubt – go with red, as this is your time to dazzle. Make sure you bring along the most elegant strappy sandals, preferably in black, for the occasion, as well as a black satin wrap. You might not be a diva, but you can act like one for a night.

Lovely bags

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash
Yes, there are many French Riviera style staples, but one that is probably near the top of the list is a chic yet breezy and summery basket bag. The closest trendy bag that can blend in with the surroundings is the incredibly popular Cult Gaia Ark Bamboo clutch. This bag is perfect for both day and night time, and as we know that bags can be quite space-consuming, you can get away with this one for the entire trip, just make sure you have an incredible beach bag – which can also be woven or feature nautical stripes.
Straw hats

When it comes to hats you have two ways – the subtle way, which entails a narrow brim straw hat, or you can be a complete diva and flaunt your wide brim and perhaps even a satin bow in cerulean blue if the mood strikes you. Of course, where there are hats, there are sunglasses, and if you can snag a pair with those retro Jackie-O-channeling sunglasses, you will look like an old-time diva.
White pants

In the land of no spilling and impeccable elegance, you are cordially invited to rock your most elegant pair of white pants. They can come in the form of high-rise wide-leg pants, culottes, or even something with a slight twist as spotted on Kendall Jenner while she was having the time of her life in Cannes. She also honored the mighty stripes, so if you’re feeling bold, you can play with a subtle crop as well – as long as it’s tasteful. Of course, you can choose from style icons of the past and bring back the white flare jeans – Jane Birkin style – and add a touch of rebelliousness with a crochet crop top.

White button-down

Before you’ve finished packing, don’t even think about leaving that perfect, slightly oversized white button-down behind. This style chameleon can be your chic cover-up at the beach. You can leave a few buttons undone and tie it at the waistline while you’re skipping around town, it’s perfect for photos on a yacht, and if don’t have one, play off the oldest and sexiest cliché – take your man’s shirt and flaunt it with a nonchalant seductiveness.

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