I Do... Want To Boogie! Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band

For all of the stressful parts of planning a wedding, picking the entertainment should be one of the more fun parts. Deciding on what type of music you want is something you can sit down together, as a couple, and discuss. Or on the other hand, if you have opposing tastes in music, it could be a variable nightmare! But one of the main forms of wedding entertainment now is a band. Live music is a great way to get relatives up and dancing, but also provides a proper party atmosphere to the proceedings. But when it comes to picking a wedding band, what do you need to consider?  

The Type Of Music
If you have been to many weddings recently, and you know the type of band you want, it makes the process easier. When it comes to choosing the type of entertainment, you want to get people up and dancing. This means picking a band that does covers of popular songs, but sometimes you might want something a bit different. There are many bands now that do swing covers of popular songs, which pleases the general crowd but adds a quirky angle to proceedings.

Booking Them
When it comes to booking your band, be sure to book as early as possible. Remember, the most popular wedding bands are booked up at least a year in advance. But if you book early, you could get yourself a bargain, especially if you book a weekday wedding, or in the off-peak months. If you are looking for a cheaper act than the average one costs, you might end up going for a band that hasn't got much experience. Luckily, nowadays, demo tapes and YouTube clips are an easy and great way to get an idea of a band, so even if they haven't got much experience professionally, you know what they sound like.

The Practicalities For The Band
You need to think about the size of the band, in comparison to the venue. So if you end up booking a 12 piece soul band, and there's a small stage, it's going to be a tight squeeze. The best way to think about picking a band is to look at the space first. Once you have got a good idea of the space, add the guests in before considering the entertainment.

Trust Their Ability
You might have a list of requests, but they will have an inherent understanding of what songs work best and will fill the dance floor. The chances are that, if you're booking a professional act, they will have done this many times before. While you want to make it as personal for you as possible, you still need to consider the overall entertainment factor. Everybody needs to be catered for, not just the bride and groom. So trust your band, and trust that they know what works best.

The entertainment is one of the things that everybody looks forward to at a wedding, so when it comes to picking the act, make sure you put as much thought into it as every other aspect.

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