Avoid Wedding Planning Madness: The Best Ways to Simplify the Process

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Planning your wedding, arguably one of the biggest and most important days of your life is always going to be a little stressful. Even the most chilled out women can turn ‘Bridezilla’ when it comes to getting things right, with so much pressure to have a beautiful day that all of your friends and family will also enjoy it’s no wonder. However, there are ways you can simplify the wedding planning process, not only saving you time but also allowing you to enjoy it. Here are some ideas.

Get Organised

The thing about planning a wedding is that when you first set a date, it seems like such a long way off. Then before you know it, in the blink of an eye it’s right on the horizon and it’s a big rush to get everything done. Once you’ve set your date, get organised and plan what you’ll need to do each month so that your time, money and brain power are all nicely distributed over the months instead of it being hectic at the last minute. Want to lose weight before your wedding? Healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week, work out how many weeks it’s going to take you to get to where you want to be and then decide how you’ll go about it. Want something very specific for your wedding, such as a certain type of flower or car to take you to the ceremony? Do plenty of research ahead of time so you’re not left disappointed.

Choose a Venue That Includes Vendors

If you’re bringing your own decorations, your own cake stand, your own DJ, caterers and everything else- it means there’s lots of different elements for you to plan. You will need to check up on vendors, ensure friends and family set up the room correctly and generally chase up lots of different things. If you choose a functionvenue that offers everything, you have peace of mind that it will all be done to the best standard and will be taken care of with no additional effort from you. Of course, there will still be lots of other things you need to arrange yourself- flowers, photographer, invites and more but having a venue that takes care of lots of different elements can make things a lot easier.

Get Help From Family and Friends

Planning a wedding is a massive job, don’t make your stress levels worse by trying to carry all of the weight on your shoulders. Instead, get loved ones involved, this can actually be a great bonding activity especially between you and your female friends and family. Run decisions by them, as if they can use their skills to help you (whether it’s them growing some flowers for your big day or baking your cake!) Talk to them if you feel like you’re getting stressed out by it all. Don’t let wedding planning be a chore or something that feels really hard and difficult to do. Lighten up, have fun and involve your loved ones as much as possible.

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