Attending a Summer Wedding? Nail it In the Fashion Stakes

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Summer is almost certainly the most popular time for couples to get married - at least here in the UK - which makes sense because you are far more likely to be blessed with good weather at this time of year. However, higher temperatures can make it a little tough for guests to work out what they should wear. That’s why I’ve put together this quick guide to nailing your style as a summer wedding guest….

Use the Invitation for Inspiration

Many wedding invitations will have a dress code included which makes your fashion choices much easier to decide, but if they don’t, a handy trick is to use the style of the invitation as inspiration for your outfit choice. Why? Because the smarter invitation, the more formal the occasion is likely to be, the same fanciness, shabby-chic, country styles etc. You may not always get it right, but since most people base their invitations on their theme (no matter how loose) it’s always a good bet.

Dress Colorfully During the Day

If the wedding you are attending is set to take place during the day, you should avoid wearing dark colours such as black, which is far better for evening events, and instead wear something with a bit more colour in it. There are lots of amazing dresses that come in every shade imaginable, and choosing one of them will ensure that you’re suitably dressed for a happy, sunny occasion. Florals always go down well.

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Save the Sparkles for Evening Events

You should also avoid wearing outfits that contain sparkles and sequins during the day too because they will draw a lot of attention and they are much more in keeping with evening attire. Not only that but sequined outfits look so much better in the evenings when the lights are low and they can shimmer in all their glory.

Midi or Maxi is Best for the Evenings

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There is nothing wrong with wearing a short dress (as long as it is not too short - think cute skaters and shifts) to a summer wedding during the day, but if you’re attending an evening event, or you believe the dress code to be more formal, a midi or maxi dress will ensure that you hit the right note.

Never Wear White

White might be as nice summery colour and it certainly helps to keep you cool, but the worst thing you can do is to wear white to any wedding… well not unless it has a white wedding theme anyway. Traditionally it is the bride who wears white and any guests who choose to wear that colour could be seen as trying to upstage the bride whether that was the intention or not.

Choose Natural Fabrics

A better way of looking great and staying cool at summer weddings is to choose natural fabrics such as cotton, which are less likely to turn you into a sweaty sticky mess after a few hours in the heat.

Keep It (Kinda) Modest

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little leg or the mildest cleavage, but you should rein it in a little. Yes, it is probably going to be very warm, but weddings are not the place for flashing your thighs, wearing extremely low cut tops or dressing in outfits with cutouts that leave nothing to the imagination and could again draw attention away from the bride and groom.

Keep Jewellery Modest

If you’re attending an evening ceremony, in particular, a little flash of jewellery is a great way to ensure that your outfit is dressy enough, but do not head out to the venue looking like Mr T. Embrace the minimalist jewellery trend with a modest piece or two and you will look effortlessly amazing. Silver is always a good choice on such occasions.

Wear a Scarf

Okay, so this one isn’t essential, but delicate silk scarves can make any outfit look more sophisticated in an instant, and more importantly, you can use it to cover your shoulders should it start to get chilly.

Peep-Toes are Perfect

When it comes to your choice of shoes, you really can’t go wrong with peep-toes, which allow you to get a little air to your feet without showing off too much. If you must wear sandals, which are also acceptable in most circumstances, ensure that your feet are in good condition and you should be ok.

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Be Comfortable

All of that being said, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Most weddings are long affairs and you don’t want to end up not enjoying them or having to leave early because you manmade fabrics are starting to itch or you're wearing a dress that makes you feel self-conscious.

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