5 Special Ways to Involve Your Kids at Your Wedding

A wedding is such an exciting event as two people come together and become one. However, there are a few other people to consider. When some couples get married, they might’ve had children from a previous relationship or had children together before they got married. Incorporate your children in the following ways.
Flower Girls/Bible Boys
Flower girls and page boys are the most classic ways to incorporate little children into the wedding party. If you have children who are a little shy, make sure there’s someone there to guide them down the aisle. Make sure they know that their role is special to get them more excited.
Unity Ceremony Participants
During the unity ceremony, couples tend to light a candle or pour sand into a vase. It’s a visual symbol of the merging of families. If you choose the option of pouring sand or another object into a vase, each child can pour into the vase in addition to the couple.
Town Criers
This role is tons of fun for a son or daughter who has a loud voice that projects. Just before the bride walks down the aisle, the town crier walks down the aisle with a triangle, a bell or another noise maker. While they use the noise maker, they announce that the bride is coming. It’s just a nice way to infuse some extra excitement into the crowd. If there are multiple children on both sides, they can all come down the aisle at the same time as town criers. This moment can be really beautiful and it’s a perfect moment to look back on when you see your wedding photography.
It’s customary for couples to exchange vows at a wedding. To take things a step further, there are some couples who love the idea of incorporating the children into the vows. This moment is symbolic because each person is making a commitment to love the other and all that comes along with them. The lives of the children change as a result of this union so it’s fair to include them in this major decision.
Program Participants
If your children are older, they might not want to be flower girls or page boys. To still include them in the ceremony, each child can be a program participant. If one of your children is a musician, they can play or sing a selection. It’s not uncommon to read a Bible scripture or poem during the wedding. This is another task that a son or daughter can do if they’re willing.
Unfortunately, it’s really easy for some people to forget about the children in the frenzy. Include them in one of these ways and be intentional about letting them know that they are important parts of the day as well.
About the author:
Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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