Stand Out From The Crowd With A Themed Wedding

On average, guests at your wedding will have been to roughly two ceremonies a year. That means within the past 10 years, some of your guests could have attended 20 weddings. With numbers like this it can be difficult to stand out and make sure that your wedding is remembered. That’s why you might want to consider having a themed wedding. With a themed wedding, you can make your ceremony just a little bit more exciting and original for the guests who will be attending. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities for a great theme.
If you’re still a child at heart, you might want to consider making your wedding a Disney dream come true. This is certainly going to make your special day magical and memorable, not just for you but for your guests as well. We’re not talking about dressing up like Mickey and Minnie mouse here, you can actually add this theme with a few little well-placed details. For instance, how about adding polka dots to the decor for your wedding reception seating. Or, what about the music that plays as you walk down the aisle? You don’t have to have the wedding march, you can be a little more imaginative with a classic Disney song like ‘Once Upon A Dream.’


Or, why not take the concept of looking like a princess on your wedding day a little more literally. You can even select a gown like the one that The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wore for her special day. If you really want to make your wedding look like a royal occasion though, you need to select the right decor service. A company like Simply Elegant Decor certainly fits the bill, and the clue is in the name here. They will work to ensure that your ceremony has the elegance and sophistication of a real royal wedding.


If you’ve always had your mind set on an outdoor occasion, you might want to think about getting wed atthe beach. The first step here, of course, is to find the right location for your special occasion. Luckily, there are plenty of beaches in tropical locations where weddings are held regularly, and it will be easy to set yours up. When you choose a beach wedding, make sure you go all out. There’s no need for heels here, and instead, you can wear sandals with a light, lovely number. Or you could even opt to go barefoot.


Or finally, why not make your wedding look like a woodland wonderland? There are lots of ways to do this but in particular make sure that you are selecting your seating carefully, choosing dark oak furniture and hanging floral arrangements from the ceiling. If you’re in the right season, you can even think about adding holly as a special decoration. Evergreen plants will also provide the right shade of green for this type of theme. Do this, and you are sure to love the look of your forest themed ceremony.

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