Getting Married? 5 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Your Last Night as a Bachelorette

If you’re a woman who’s about to get married, you can say goodbye to singlehood with an elaborate bachelorette event. You can gather the most special ladies in your life to mark the momentous occasion in your own special way. Here are five exciting ways to celebrate your last night as a bachelorette.

Have a Beachside Party
If you live near the ocean or a lake, you can set up a party station next to the water and let loose. A beachside party will give you the opportunity to release some of the stress that’s likely built up from planning your wedding. You might even find a beachside resort in your area that offers bachelorette party package deals at great prices.

Hire a Private Chef
Hiring a private chef to come to your location to cook a meal is a great way to treat yourself and your guests. You can request the type of food that you’d like prepared and let the chef take it from there. You may be required to furnish some of your own ingredients and cooking utensils. Cosmopolitan.com suggests that you ask this chef to teach you how to prepare some fancy dishes to impress your soon-to-be spouse and in-laws.

Travel in Style
If you choose to go to a bar, nightclub or another venue in your area to celebrate your last night as a single lady, you can reserve a party bus rental or rent a limousine to take you there in style. Many of these party buses and limousines feature disco balls and cool LED light strips that create the perfect party atmosphere inside the vehicle. You can also request to have champagne and snacks waiting onboard for you and your guests.

Visit a Spa
Going to a spa the night before your wedding will help you feel more relaxed for the big day. You and your girlfriends can get pampered while enjoying treatments like mud baths, massages and aromatherapy. There’s also the option of visiting a spa that offers facials and waxing treatments that will help you look your best for your wedding.

Go to an Amusement Park
You’ll likely feel like a kid again before your big commitment when you take your group to a local amusement park. Ferris wheel, rollercoaster and bumper car rides offer just a few ways to spend some of your time there. If you really want to go big, you might consider renting the park so that you and your guests can have fun in privacy.

As you transition from bachelorette to bride, it’s important that you have some fun and celebrate each life phase to the fullest. Planning a memorable event for the night before your wedding will likely be one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make.

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