$20K+ Weddings Have a Higher Divorce Rate: How to Budget & Keep Costs Down

When a couple gets engaged, the wedding planning frenzy in full effect. Truthfully, most engaged ladies start planning their weddings from childhood--in terms of elaborate hopes, dream boards, etc. Once they say “yes” to their forever love, everything gets a whole lot more serious.
In fact, many couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on their idealization of the perfect wedding for them. In the US alone, the wedding industry is a $72 billion industry. Yet,, studies show that weddings with elaborate price tags of $20,000 or more tend to have a higher divorce rate. Don’t fall into this trap! Instead, cut the budget in half and save your money on a budget-friendly wedding.
Email Your Rsvps
It takes a lot of time and money to purchase envelopes, printed invitations and reservation cards. Plus, you have to pay for the postage for each guest’s envelope. They may or may not reply or even attend and that ends up costing money. Instead, mail a “Save the Date” card to all of your guests with a website at the bottom. Direct the guests to the website so they can RSVP online and save you all of the hassle of waiting for confirmations in the mail.
Use Faux Flowers for Decorations
Flowers are a high-ticket line item on any wedding budget. Instead of spending a lot of money on flowers that will die anyway, purchase faux flowers for a third of the price. Use them to decorate the church and reception hall. Many silk flowers look so realistic that your guests won’t be able to tell the difference. Once you’re finished using the flowers, save them and put them in a safe place. You can even put them back up for sale on a discount sale and make your money back and more.
Use Services with Package Deals
It’s a good idea to use services that have package deals because you’ll be able to cover a few areas with one price tag. For example, a reception venue that also caters is a package deal. If you’d like to have both wedding videography and photography from a service like Eivan’s Photo Inc, then that is a package deal. It is a great way to save money instead of paying for each service individually.
Nix the Wedding Favors & Programs
Your guests are going to throw away the wedding favors eventually. They might even throw them away at the reception. The wedding programs are a waste of money because people already know that they’re there for a wedding. They don’t need to have the printed evidence in their hands. Save the trees and your money.
$20,000 is enough for a down payment on a home that’ll last forever. Use your money wisely. Instead of spending that amount on a wedding for a marriage that won’t last, cut the bill in half and increase your chances of staying married for decades to come!

About the author:
Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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