Your Perfect Wedding: How to Capture the Best of Your Special Day

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are an almost unlimited number of choices to make. From the right cake to the right flowers to even the seating chart at the reception, planning a wedding is filled with choices. One of these choices, of course is about the photographer. A wedding is an expensive affair and many couples are looking to cut costs wherever they can. In an age where everyone is walking around with an expensive digital camera right in their pockets, it can be tempting to cut corners on a photographer. This is a bad idea. You will want treasured mementos of your special day and you want to make sure you can hire someone who delivers. Here are three tips for how to capture the very best of your special day.

Hire the Right Photographer

Before choosing a photographer, make sure and peruse their portfolio to ensure they deliver just the kind of photos you are looking for. Keep in mind as well that most wedding photographers are also commercial photographers, which means they need to be adept at delivering just what the client wants. Even so, much of their own personal taste and style will often seep through. Look through a photographer’s work and hire the one whose work you fell in love with.

Get It Right the First Time

Your wedding may be one of the biggest events you will plan in your lifetime and it’s a one-shot deal. There are no reshoots, so you want to make absolutely sure that you get stellar photos of the day to treasure forever. Professionals at companies like Eivan’sPhoto Inc. will make sure that no matter what else might go wrong on this most special day, your photos will not be one of them.

A Professional Doesn’t Just Take a Photo, They Create a Work of Art

Even in the hands of a professional, a camera can only do so much. The other thing you are generally paying for, however, is the professional retouching that happens afterwards. Retouching doesn’t necessarily mean carving off excess pounds or plumping out other features, but it can if you choose. What it also means, however, is deepening the contrast between light and dark or adding just the right hint of hue or tint to turn a somewhat bland and “flat” photo into a stunning masterpiece.

Most likely, there are a number of sacrifices and trade-offs you will have to make when planning your big day. Sacrificing a professional photographer or videographer should not be one of them. As much as the Apple commercials may make it seem like everyone with an iPhone can take a great photo, it’s just not true. Make sure and hire the right professional to ensure you have the most beautiful mementos of your special day.

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