Wedding Style for Men: What You Should Know

Whether you’re a groom to be or a soon to be bride looking for ways to point your partner in the right direction, you’ve come to the right place. Getting men’s wedding fashion right can actually be really difficult, and so many people manage to get it horribly wrong. The problem with that is those wedding photos will last forever, and you’ll both want to look back at them in years to come. That’s why it’s so worth putting in the time and effort now. That way, you won’t have regrets later in life. Here’s what you need to know about wedding style for men.

Consider All the Suit Types

There are so many different types of suit out there for you to consider, and you should definitely take the time to look through and consider as many of them as possible. It only harms your chances of looking sharp if you simply choose one of the first weddingsuits you find. There are so many great ones out there so you should weigh up all the options, from a tuxedo to a morning suit.

Take Time on the Tie

Many people would argue that the most important part of any suit is actually the tie. This is the thing that the eye is immediately drawn to because it offers that pop of colour that you don’t get from the rest of the suit. That’s why you need to take time choosing your tie. There are so many tie styles, colours and patterns, so don’t rush your decision.

Don’t Skip the Fitting

There are few things that look worse than a tie that simply doesn’t fit properly. If you choose an ill-fitting suit, you will simply look ridiculous on your big day, which is not what you want. Always attend a fitting, no matter how much you might prefer not to. A suit that fits poorly is not worth paying for, and the day could be spoilt as a result.

Find Shoes That Are Comfortable and Stylish

Style and comfort are two things that matter more than anything else when it comes to choosing shoes. The groom tends to be doing a lot of standing, walking and dancing on his wedding day, so it’s never a good idea to choose shoes that are uncomfortable or that cause pain to the feet. At the same time, style shouldn’t be entirely sacrificed for the sake of comfort either.

Think About the Surroundings

Finally, the surroundings need to be taken into consideration. You don’t want to be wearing something that clashes horribly with the decorative surroundings. And you don’t want to be wearing something that is clearly inappropriate for the kind of location where the wedding is happening.

Your style is down to you, so make sure that your own personality is able to shine through, no matter which direction you choose to take with your wedding outfit. And if you’re reading this as a bride, be sure not to pressure him too much. The gentle approach tends to yield far greater results.

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