The Secrets of a Fun Wedding Reception

 While your wedding ceremony will be the most emotional part of your big day, your wedding reception should be all about fun! The most memorable receptions focus on the little details to ensure that everyone goes away talking about something. Here, we are going to be talking you through just a few of the secrets involved in having a wedding reception which is packed with fun.

Arrange Your Seating Carefully

It may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but your seating arrangement needs to be thoughtful so that guests who get along well are close to one another. People can always socialise more when the drinks start flowing and the DJ starts playing. When the dinner is taking place, people generally want to be around the people who they already feel comfortable around.

Offer an Interactive Food Station

There is no doubt that wonderful food is one of the foundations of a great wedding, and if you have at least one interactive serving station, you give your guests the opportunity to have fun customising their dishes, and it is also a social experience as well. Perhaps you could have a make-your-own-sundae bar or a chocolate fountain.

Plan Surprise Entertainment

Sometimes, the best wedding entertainment is based on the element of surprise. So, try to catch your guests out with something that they don’t see coming. Perhaps you could bring in some special dancers or a totally unexpected form of entertainment such as some circus performers.

Play Music People Can Dance To

The whole point of wedding music is that it is supposed to be lively and will get people up and dancing. So, make sure that you brief your wedding band and DJ to play the songs that you actually want to hear. Of course, if you have an especially niche taste in music, you should make sure to mix in a few sing-along classics as well.     

Offer Ways of Making Their Own Entertainment

There are plenty of ways that you can encourage guests to make their own entertainment. You could check out weddingphoto booth rentals so guests can take pictures during the evening. Check out funny wigs, hats and other props for extra fun. On a similar theme, you could also put disposable cameras on the table and have them all developed afterwards.

Hire a Coordinator to Pull it All Together

When you have so many disparate ideas that you are trying to incorporate into your wedding, it can be extremely difficult to pull them all together in a way that makes sense. Enlisting the support of a wedding coordinator will help you out in this regard if your budget can stretch to it.

Put a bit of extra planning into your wedding reception and you can host an occasion that is fun for you, your partner and everyone else who has the pleasure to attend.

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