Preparing for Your Wedding: How to Have the Perfect Engagement Photos

Engagement photos not only commemorate a happy occasion, they’re an opportunity to display your personalities, to show your hopes and dreams. Whatever story you decide to share, the important thing to know is how to have the perfect engagement photos.


Don’t feel bad if the mere thought of a photo session gives you the jitters. One effective way to deal with nerves is to think of what exactly makes you nervous and then figure out ways to deal with it. In being so prepared, you’ll be able to relax and have the best photo session possible.

Decide Your Story

Do you like busy, noisy environments, or quiet, thoughtful ones? Are you more comfortable in places you know, or do you have fun exploring new places? The point is to think about where you and your fiancé feel comfortable and what story you want to tell.

Props can be fun, but don’t get carried away. Remember, it’s your story. Let your personalities shine. Clothes can also be problematic if you forget they don’t have to be uncomfortable to make you look good. A comfortable outfit will help you relax, which makes for great photos. Hair and make-up are also important factors in your look and your photographer can tell you what works on camera. Just remember to do what’s comfortable.

Photographers such as Eivan’sPhoto Inc. have examples of how couples used locations to show their personalities. They chose settings, props, and outfits that made them comfortable, free to express themselves. You can too and your photos will be the better for it.

Facing the Camera

Getting to know your photographer ahead of time goes a long way to reducing nerves. Some couples research the experiences of others so as to know what to expect. Still afraid of last minute nerves? Plan your engagement photo session as part of a day-long date. This eliminates the feeling of being rushed because you now have plenty of time for photos. Besides, starting out with the mindset that you’re on a date helps put you and your fiancĂ© in a romantic mood, perfect for the photo shoot.

In conclusion, the best engagement photos tell a story that shows the couple’s personalities. You’ll have the best photos too if you figure out how to tell your story in the way you imagine. Relax and have fun sharing the happy occasion!

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