Planning Your Wedding Day: 5 Must-Haves for Your Reception

A wedding reception gives you time to celebrate your relationship with your friends and family and throw the perfect party. Each reception is different, but all the good ones contain a few key features. In addition to having food and drinks, make sure to include these five must haves when you are planning your wedding reception.

Great Entertainment

A good wedding entertainer does more than just playing all your favorite songs. A talented DJ or bandleader also functions as a master of ceremonies and directs your guests. The right wedding entertainer will cut back on confusion and make sure everyone has a fun time.

Chairs and Tables

It might seem obvious, but almost everyone has a story about a nightmare reception where there were not enough chairs and tables for all the guests. Make sure your reception guests are not stuck standing around. Include tables so that people do not have to try holding a drink, a plate, utensils, and personal belongings.

Proper Kitchen Supplies

Your catering staff cannot provide the best possible food if they are trying to prepare and serve food without the right equipment. If your venue does not already have a kitchen, you may need to go to a kitchen supplies company like LouisWohl & Sons Inc. to find the right materials. Any wedding reception will need warming dishes, a refrigerator, sinks, and possibly a stove.

Party Favors

Most of your guests have spent a lot of time and effort picking out the perfect gift for you. Thank them for all of their care by providing a thoughtful party favor. To ensure that each guest actually manages to get a favor, consider asking a family member to pass out the favors.

A Photographer

It might save money, but it is a bad idea to get a photographer who leaves right after the ceremony. Having a photographer around after your ceremony will ensure that you get pictures will all your guests. All of the impromptu wedding receptions tend to be better keepsakes than the posed wedding party images.

With these five things, you can be confident that your wedding reception will be a blast. Getting all of the reception planning out of the way early on lets you get to the fun part. On your big day, you will get to sit back, relax, and enjoy having a great wedding reception with your family and loved ones!

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