Alternative Wedding Fashion: Formal Meets Edgy

When it comes to choosing the right dress for your big day, there are no rules. Not all wedding dresses have to be white or ivory, and if you don't like the idea of a traditional gown then go through this selection to find a perfect alternative wedding dress that will portray your personality and add more fun to your celebration.

Playing with textures

Leather and silk gown by Monique Sandoval of Cleo & Clementine is a perfectly edgy dress for courageous brides who dislike traditional weddings. It is a perfect contrast of fabric and color, and you can complete the look with a low messy bun and bold colored dark lipstick. This wedding outfit is just perfect for all the wild hearts out there!
If you are more of a rockabilly dress bride, then you will be happy to hear that there are new ways to make it extra-special and completely personalized. You can opt for a custom rockabilly dress with embroidered flowers, tattoos, patches, many pastel dress layers in different colors or whatever you like. Don’t hesitate to add a personal touch!

Unexpected color

Who says you have to wear a plain white dress?  It is your wedding day so let your imagination run wild! Choose colorful dresses, pink, yellow, or red – simply choose whatever makes you feel special! For all the rebellious girls out there, if you want to wear a black wedding dress, wear it. Black is always a new black! You can opt for a completely black gown or you can choose a black and white dress, to express your alternativeness in a romantic way. Add a splash of white to create a memorable look that will leave everybody speechless.
If you want to maintain the bridal tradition of wearing a white gown, you can rebel just a little and pick an ombre wedding dress with a splash of color in contrast to the whiteness. Put on some colorful shoes (match them with the bottom part of the ombre dress) to complete the look. If you are not a big fan of heels, you can opt for glittery pink or animal pattern Palmaira sandals to make a statement and feel comfortable enough to dance all day! Express your personality through your wedding day outfit and show your uniqueness.

Different kind of white

Of course, there is a way to wear white or ivory dresses and to maintain the tradition but still add just a bit of your edginess. For example, combining the shimmery long-sleeved crop top with a long dress is a perfect way to show skin and still maintain a sophisticated and glamorous look. Or you can wear a white wide-legged jumpsuit that would go perfectly with big fuzzy hair and bold makeup.
Wear an edgy minimalistic dress and put an accent on your figure with an open back cut, a slit, a deep V-neckline, off the shoulder neckline or whichever you prefer. If you choose a simple spaghetti strap maxi dress, make sure it has a slit on the front or on the back and complete the look with a colorful statement necklace, or choose subtle pieces of jewelry from Bilderrahmen missforty and bold makeup with a strict bun.
Well, the choices are truly endless. You can try to find a perfect dress that suits your personality and shows your alternativeness or you can order a custom one and DIY decorative details to make it charmingly unique. Both way, you will express yourself through your outfit and as long as you feel good wearing it, you will look beautiful and perfect for your big day.

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