Expecting 200+ Guests? How to Throw a Giant Outdoor Wedding with Ease

If you are expecting over 200 guests to show up for your wedding, then hosting it outside may be the perfect solution. Choosing a scenic location can also help you save money on wedding decor. If you need to save money on your wedding, then here are four easy frugal ideas you may want to consider.

Provide Comfort

Make sure to consider the comfort of your guests attending your outdoor wedding. If the weather is likely to be warm, then make sure to use portable air conditioners or fans. Alternatively, in cooler weather make sure to use patio heaters. Additionally, provide chemical toilets, like those from Road Runner Waste Service Inc, where guests can take care of human nature. Your guests will enjoy the wedding and reception much more when their basic comfort needs are met.

Choose Music

If your wedding location is near a university that offers a music program, then consider contacting the school about using their students for your wedding music. Alternatively, many senior citizen centers have members who play instruments beautifully. Either choice will allow you to save money while getting wedding music that you enjoy. You may also want to consider using your stereo home to provide musical selections.

Stock Your Own Liquor

If you will be serving liquor at your wedding, consider buying it yourself at a local liquor store. Then, look among your friends for someone who has skills as a bartender. Ask them if they would be willing to serve as the bartender as your wedding gift. Many will jump at the opportunity to bless you in this way. Serving only wine or beer often allows you to save money by opening only the bottles that you actually use.

Make Your Own Food

Many families are blessed with great cooks. Ask them if they would be willing to help you prepare the food for your wedding as their wedding present. Serving comfort food is a hot trend right now, and it will save you money. It is always cheaper and easier to serve a lunch or brunch than an evening meal. Hosting your reception at the same venue where you get married can also help to cutdown on expenses.
There are plenty of ways to save money when you are planning a wedding for 200 or more guests. Consider these budget-friendly ideas that will still leave you with a memorable day that all will enjoy. You really can easily plan a large outdoor wedding on a budget.

About the author:
Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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