The Wedding Problems You Won't Anticipate Until The Big Day!

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With the best will in the world, there is always going to be something that you have forgotten about. You can plan everything to the smallest detail, you can plan your budget to the nearest penny, you can be so organized that it's plain sailing for the last couple of weeks before the ceremony, but some problems will crop up. Unfortunately, this could very well be on the day itself. And it wouldn't be a wedding if there wasn't a problem that reared its ugly head. So, here are some little problems that won't even enter your mind until the big day itself, which is why they’re here for you now, so you can plan and prepare for them

The (Pre-Wedding) Food
If you're getting ready with a cheeky glass of champagne with your bridesmaids, it can be very easy to knock back a few and forget about food completely. Granted, you may be too nervous to eat, but you got to get something down you at least! Or if you're not in the mood, your bridesmaids will most definitely be chewing their arm off by 11 am. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just enough to keep everybody satisfied until the big meals later, so it could be croissants, little nibbles, and similar types of food to keep the energy up.

The Guest Trinkets
You can spend so much time focused on the big aspects of it, but it's the little details that you need to stand out, especially in photo opportunities. So, something like the exit for the bride and groom can look a bit flat if they haven't got anything like confetti to throw. You can look at 30 wedding send off ideas for the perfect exit to get a few ideas, but when you've got hundreds of guests, it can be quite a task to put all these under your guests’ seats, so this is where the best man comes into play. Make sure that he hands out these trinkets to the guests as they enter, or puts them under the seats. As with most of the little details on the day itself, you will find yourself leaning on the best man or maid of honor.

Little Presents
No doubt you've already thought about what to get for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but it's your parents and the in-laws that tend to be forgotten about. It doesn't have to be anything big, you can give them an engraved frame, or if you haven't got them anything before the big day, an IOU for a wedding album for them further down the line. But you need to make it a point that you haven't forgotten about them.

Wedding Favors
Another thing that can get lost in the midst of planning everything else, wedding favors can be a surprising expense. But, one way to bypass this is to have one favor for every couple that is in attendance it's also a great way to get crafty if you don't have much money, because favors can cost a sizeable amount per person, meaning they will make a big dent in your budget.

Feeding Everyone That Helps
Yes, you may have all the meals in place for the guests, but what about the vendors, the coordinators, and the band? All these people require feeding, and they are working in excess of 8 hours to make sure your perfect day goes off without a hitch. Generally, vendor meals are cheaper than ones for the guests, but if you got a big wedding, you've got lots of vendors, and you could be adding a few hundred dollars to your bill. Remember, if your entertainers are exhausted, there will be a bad feeling in the air, which can ruin your special day.

A Backup Plan
A backup plan should be firmly in place well before the big day itself. But sometimes, it's not just the issues that occur on the day, for example, if you have an outdoor wedding, the weather may be great on the date self. But, the weather the previous day may have a massive effect overall. There may have been so much rain that the grass is soggy, meaning you have to hire out some wooden flooring. Regardless of any factors, you need a backup plan in place to make the day run smooth. If the band doesn’t turn up, can you get an iPad with a Spotify playlist? It always pays to have something up your sleeve.

It can be a nightmare if there are things you didn't consider until the big day itself. So, these should give you plenty of food for thought.

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