6 Secrets to Planning a Wedding Reception at Home

Your wedding day, they say, is meant to be the happiest day of your life. Embrace that fact and make it as suitable and convenient as you possibly can. Make this day about the two of you and the happiness you want to share with your loved ones. Do not stress out about extravagant venues with over-the-roof prices. Have a wedding at your family home and have a man of your dreams symbolically take you away once it is over. If you decide to do it at his family home, it can be a metaphor of accepting a new bird into a flock. Alternatively, you can have a wedding at your future home, and mark the beginning of your new life there. Whichever one you choose, you will need to take care of a couple of things first.

Select the most appropriate space

If the timeframe allows you so, organize the reception to be in your backyard. Outdoor weddings are by default more romantic. Apart from the question of romance, the advantage of doing it outdoors is in space and ventilation as well as the consequences on the house. Unless the regional climate is really dry and you do not generally get much rainfall, plan to be able to fit as many people indoors as you do outdoors. You want to be prepared as you never know what can happen when the day of the wedding comes. If need be, cut down the guest list by a few names. You need to make sure that it is not too crowded.

Prepare the yard

Is the surface of your backyard even? I hope it is… when the time comes to set up the gear in your backyard, have someone inspect the venue for wobbly tables as it is something you want to avoid. Purchase furniture stabilizing wedges to ensure everything is in its place. Make sure the grass is neatly trimmed and the moment you decide you want to do it at home, have a look at the yard and see whether you would like more or less of something while you still have time to change it.

Prepare the house

Do the maintenance and put a fresh coat of paint both inside and outside. Work on the curb appeal to make the home inviting for your guests on the day. Clean the entire house to the smallest details, this is the day when it needs to be sparkling. I believe you think you can do this yourself but do not get overworked, hire professional help, it will save you a lot of energy and won’t cost as much. The area you select to be your shelter in case the weather ruins your outdoor plans needs to be clear of most furniture so you have enough space. For this occasion, you should consider your options and opt for a reliable company like Super Easy Storage company to safely store your belongings for those couple of days.

Find help

The happier you are the better the reception will be. Keep yourself stress-free and do not be ashamed to ask for help. I am sure that there are people around you talented and capable of various things so get them on board and ask them to assist you. I would suggest choosing out of your closest family members and friends as they will be the easiest ones to work with and they won’t cause you discomfort.


You will most likely have your natural green to decorate the venue but you cannot go without pretty lights. Have strings of lanterns and Christmas lights webbed above your heads. Use tea lights and candles on tables. Throw beads and flower petals around centerpieces. Create a little private conversation spot in the corner or by the pool. Select the lighting options from the dancefloor people when they come to set it up. You can have your friends assist you with this.

Food and service

To be on a safe side, have the event professionally catered. Choose a ‘service pack’ based on your budget. Perhaps you can use your own dishes and find an assistant to help you lay out the food. The way you could make this less expensive would be by making your own finger food but I think that comparatively, it is not worth the money saved. You can rent a portable bar to make things more convenient and have at least two waiters serving drinks and putting out food as it might be more convenient than self-service.

Having a smaller wedding in a place that makes you feel comfortable will ensure that you spend this day relaxed and having fun. Also, it will save you tremendous amounts of money just by not having to pay for the venue.

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