Wedding Wellness: 3 Strategies For Moving In After The Big Day

You’re getting married next week, and the week after that you’re moving in together. This will be the first time you and your partner have shared a space, and it’s beyond exciting. It’s totally normal to have jitters before move-in day; these three strategies will have you newlyweds happily nesting together in no time.


Open flow of communication, however it works for the two of you, is everything. Lay out expectations ahead of time. How is moving day going to flow? What are the time frames for which pieces? Have a unified understanding of exactly what’s going to happen when, and an additional understanding that flexibility is a must. Maybe you even consider hiring movers, like those at Bekins Van Lines Inc, to help the process flow. Regardless of how the plan ends up, you’re both going to need to be as optimistic as possible. It’s time to remember that you’re combining two lives together, so work hard to compromise when you don’t agree. The couch doesn’t look right there but the rug does? Agree to make it work smoothly and quickly until all the extra people are out of your home and you have some time and space to play. Know that moving day doesn’t last forever.

Own It

Once you’re living together in harmony, embrace your own weird habits and be comfortable with them. You are you, and you are exactly the person your partner fell in love with. Likewise, enjoy your partner in all their mismatched sock-messy closet glory, or whatever their particular quirks happen to be. You are each other’s number one, and that means accepting everything about one another for whatever it is, no frills attached.


Get the hang of doing things together and doing things alone. The balance between your “you” life and your “couple” life is an important part of staying sane while you live with your significant other. Take time when you need it, lean on each other when it works, and stay open about exactly what each of you needs at any given time.

Moving in together is a big step, and if you’ve waited until after marriage to do it, chances are you’re pretty certain it’s going to work. Utilize communication, compromise, owning your habits, accepting your partner, and balance to help your new living situation a positive one. After a few Saturdays of pancakes and walks in the park, you won’t know how you ever got by living apart.

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