Winter Wedding Wonderland: 3 Decorating Tips For A Perfect Big Day

A winter wonderland wedding is one where you can let your imagination shine. There are numerous decorations that you can use that will make the venue sparkle that don't pair well with other times of the year. When you're planning your winter wedding, think about whether the ceremony will take place outdoors or inside, how many people will attend and some of the colors that work best for your wedding party.

Snow Covered

When you think of winter, snow probably comes to your mind. Even if there is carpet in the venue, line the floor with white rugs or other types of white material to create a snowy appearance. Decorate the benches or chairs with white cotton and white glitter. White trees decorated with lights and maybe a few snowflakes hanging from the branches create an illusion of entering a snow-covered forest instead of a wedding venue. To add color to your wedding, you can use candles along the edges of the aisles or colored glitter on the snowflakes. The dresses the bridesmaids wear and the cummerbunds of the tuxedos can also feature the colors of that you like.

Combine Christmas Decorations

Instead of using your Christmas decorations for a few weeks out of the year, use them as your wedding decorations as well. Hang ornaments from the ceiling or on small trees at the front of the venue. Drape tree skirts over the ends of each aisle where guests sit. You can also wrap boxes that can be used for decorations at the front and back of the venue or at the reception. Another idea would be to wrap small boxes with party favors in them for your guests to take home. Use miniature ornaments and garland as decorations for the tables along with candles in clear vases. Use sound equipment from a professional company, like Selective Sound Entertainment, to play Christmas carols before the ceremony begins and at the reception.

Cozy and Charming

Warm fires and a cozy atmosphere are what you might think of in the winter season. Bring these feelings to your wedding by holding the ceremony in a venue that has a fireplace. Use cranberries and red ornaments at the end of the aisles. Bring a bit of nature to your winter wedding with pine cones and small pine trees that are decorated with snowflakes. Your bridesmaids could wear boots with long skirts or dresses instead of traditional wedding attire to blend with the warm atmosphere.

Your wedding is a special day. It should be a day where you get to decide on the colors and the decorations. A winter wonderland allows you to utilize brilliant colors that sparkle and a few decorations and ideas that bring warmth to the ceremony and reception.

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