Things To Remember When Helping To Plan A Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, the to-do list tends to be as long as your arm. You may have the perfect dress bought, the venue booked, and the caterers hired for the reception, but then you’ve still got the flowers to organise, and a hairdresser to find. The worst part is, this is all the major stuff; There’s still lots of little things that you need to organise, before you forget about them completely. But your wedding isn’t meant to be a cause of stress; It’s meant to be the best day of your life. So to make things easier on your bride, ensure you read through this list of things that you have to remember when helping your bride plan her big day.

Pack An Emergency Kit
Your bride may look perfect when she steps into the wedding car, but that doesn’t mean that she’s going to stay that way all day. Things like hair grips falling out or a shiny forehead might not seem like that big of a deal on a regular day, but this is her wedding day, and she is going to want to look her best. So make sure that you pack her an emergency kit to use throughout the day, filled with things like blotting paper and spared hair grips.

Buy A Guestbook
A guestbook is easily forgotten amongst buying decorations and dresses, but it is a very important purchase. A wedding book will contain heartfelt messages from all of the guests and is sure to be cherished, along with your bride’s wedding album. Make sure she buys enough pens though, and when she thinks she’s brought enough, buy even more. Trust me, they’ll all get lost or taken in no time, so you have to be prepared.

Choose Favours
Although it may be your bride’s wedding, that doesn’t mean that you should be the only one getting gifts. Wedding favours are a great way for her to say thank you to all her guests for attending and show them that she really cares. Wedding favours can be as unique as her, so ensure she has a good think about what she wants to give your guests.

Plan The Tables
A table plan is potentially incredibly important, and could cause disasters if not planned properly. Help your bride to plan her tables very carefully, to ensure that all of the guests are relatively happy with who they’re sat with. The last thing she wants is an argument at her reception because she forgot that her cousin and her friend from college hate each other. All you have to do then is remind her to buy place cards.

Be Happy
The most important thing to remind your bride on her big day is to be happy. Sure, things might not go completely to plan. You may even break your heal right before the ceremony, and cause her endless stress, but everything has a solution. Just make all of the other bridesmaids go barefoot instead. This is her day to marry the most important person in your life, so don’t allow anything or anyone to ruin it.

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