Planning Your Look For Your Wedding


Planning a wedding is stressful because of all of the intricate details that you need to think about, and thinking about how you’re going to look on your wedding day is something that’s normally at the bottom of the list for many brides. In this article is everything you need to think about when planning the look you’re going to have at your wedding.


Having your nails on point is something that many women dream of for their wedding day for one specific reason; the wedding photos. Nobody wants to be seen with tatty nails on their wedding day, and also when they look back on their wedding pictures, they want to be able to display the pictures of them looking fabulous.

Have a think about how you would like to have your nails on your big day. If you’ve got short nails, then it might be time to think about growing them for the big day. If you’re unable to grow your nails, the option of nail extensions is on the cards. You could opt for gel or acrylic nails, either should last you a month. Head to your usual nail salon and speak to your nail artist about how they could design your nails to fit with your wedding.


One of the biggest decisions of your wedding is how you’re going to have your hair, because you don’t want to look back in years to come and regret the hairstyle that you’ve chosen. The best advice is to keep to the color you’re usually rocking and pick a style that’s glamorous and sophisticated. This way, when you’re looking back on your photos you won’t cringe at the extravagant hairstyle that you chose.

You might decide that you want long hair for your wedding day, but won’t be able to grow it to your desired length in time for your big day. Consider getting tape in hair extensions to wear on your big day. That way, after your wedding day has come and passed, you can go back to your shorter style if desired, and you will have the extensions to keep for use another day.

Make Up

There are so many different designs that you could go for when it comes to your make up on the big day. It’s understandable that you will want to eliminate any blemishes and make your natural beauty stand out as much as possible. Accentuating your eyes, lips and cheekbones will make you look like a natural ‘blushing bride’.

If you’re opting to do your makeup yourself on your big day, have some trial days beforehand where you can practise applying your makeup perfectly. Check out tutorials on the internet if you’re lost on where to start.

Remembering these three points when you’re thinking about your look for your wedding will ensure that you don’t miss a thing, and ultimately, look incredible on your wedding day. Congratulations!

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