5 Great Wedding Gifts That Are Actually Useful

You've just been invited to a wedding for a loved one, now what are you going to give them as a wedding present? Don’t settle for a welcome mat or yet another waffle maker they’ll have to regift. Here are five gift suggestions that are practical and unique wedding gifts.

Themed Gift Basket

Find an attractive basket and fill it with all kinds of kitchen utensils and small appliances. You could choose a theme according to the interests of the couple. For example, if they love coffee, you can include some gourmet coffee samples, a coffee bean grinder, special mugs and a gift certificate for their local coffee shop. A wine basket could include a couple bottles of their favorite wine, a unique cork screw, glasses and gourmet cheese. This is a wonderful way to let your creativity run loose without breaking your budget.

Mattress and Box Spring Set

This fits the bill of being both practical and unusual. However, every couple needs a good mattress, and they can be expensive when you're just starting out. Since a mattress set is a little hard to gift wrap, you may need to purchase it ahead of the wedding from a company like Restwell Mattress Factory and have the couple call to arrange the delivery. For the wedding, you can include a nice photo of the set in your greeting card and give them the contact number to call for delivery.

Cookbook and Cookware

According to Business Insider, the majority of the most popular wedding gifts are cookware and small kitchen appliances. To make your gift stand out, use your inside knowledge of the couple's tastes. For example, if they love to grill, then build your gift around that theme to give them grilling recipes and related items. A busy couple may prefer a large slow cooker and recipe book. A couple with more casual tastes would love a set of Pyrex casserole dishes and a cookbook with one-dish meal ideas.


This only works if you know the couple really well. But if you are close to them and are confident that you know their style then art work is a great gift. Those blank walls need to be filled in their first home or apartment. A nicely framed print is something that will remind them of you for years to come.

Yearly Membership

This is another unusual yet practical idea. A year's membership to a gym or museum is something that is usually outside of a newlywed's budget. But if it's something the couple will enjoy doing together, it is sure to be appreciated.

Just remember, that when it comes to gifts, it's the thought that counts. By thinking outside of the box, you can give that special couple something that will remind them of how much you care long after the wedding.

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