Tips To Help You Crush The Proposal

The biggest challenge anyone will ever undertake is the decision to get down on one knee and ask that life changing question: “Will you marry me?” Everyone thinks that proposals have to be a huge gesture, something they won’t forget for the rest of their married lives. But the truth is all you need is to tell your partner how you feel and ask them to spend the rest of their life with you. That said, here are a few tips to make sure you crush the proposal.

Asking permission
Going to your loved one’s parents, father, or mother to ask for permission might seem old-fashioned, and it does have some troubling traditions attached to it, but believe it or not there are some women who would love knowing that you took this step. It’s no longer an implication that the daughter belongs to her family, but rather a sign that her future partner respects her family enough to ask for their blessing. It also shows the family how much you care for their daughter that you’re serious enough to take this step. Maybe it will even let everyone air some concerns or share some advice before you pop the question.
The perfect ring
Diamonds weren’t a necessary part of engagement rings until a jewelry company, De Beers, launched its now classic slogan, “A Diamond is Forever” in 1947. However, sometimes it’s nice to stick with tradition (however recent it may be in the grand scheme of things). A lot of research needs to be done before you exchange any money, whether you find it online at the http://diamondstorereviews.com website, by looking for clues on her Pinterest or other social media pages, or trusting her friends and family to give you some clear direction. When you go to buy a diamond, you need to know about the cut, clarity, carat, and color. The 4 C’s are important to know because that’s how the price of the ring is determined. It’s also worth noting that you don’t actually have to spend two to three month’s worth of salary on the ring, but you also shouldn’t buy the first one you see within your budget. Take your time, be a little flexible, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
Involve her friends
You may have already approached her family for their blessing, but her friends are the family she’s chosen for herself. They will give you the best advice on how to plan her dream proposal, or at the very least help you eliminate some ideas that are guaranteed to be proposal fails. Some might recommend classic proposal ideas like taking her to a fancy restaurant and ordering champagne, others might recommend a weekend away, and some might give you some really unique ideas. Just make sure they know to keep these discussions private so your proposal remains a surprise.

Study your history
Ultimately, a proposal has to be about your partner and your relationship. If there were ever a moment to get sentimental, this is it. Think back on the noteworthy moments in your relationship. Take your sweetheart back to where you first met, kissed, or said, “I love you!” Treat her to dinner at a restaurant you both love, or go back to a venue you haven’t visited since the early days of your relationship. Don’t take her to expensive, trendy restaurants that have a waiting list going back months. It might seem special at first, but it doesn’t hold any significance to your relationship. All those moments that made you both so happy have led you to this decision, so by honoring your shared history, you’re letting her know that you want to keep building a new history.
Set a tone for the future
Marriage is all about building a future together; somewhere down the line you’ll buy a house, raise children, and go through all the trials of life together. The best way to demonstrate your hopes for the future is to either time your proposal with a significant step forward in your relationship, or by creating a gesture to show her what you’ll be like as her spouse. You could propose when you move into a house you’ve just bought together, or you could pop the question over a delicious dinner you’ve cooked yourself. While it’s true that grand proposals make great stories, sometimes it’s better to let them visualise their future with you using your current life as an example.

Incorporate music
No matter where it all happens, make sure you set the right kind of music in the background. If you’re at a restaurant, you can ask if they’ll play a song that is meaningful to your relationship after one of your courses, and use that as your cue to get down on one knee. If you’re at home, put on a whole playlist of songs that best describe your relationship, then ask her to slow dance once the ring is securely on her finger. You could even dance your first slow dance as a newly engaged couple to the first song you ever slow danced to - if you don’t remember, then just find out from her without giving away the details.
Private or public?
Is your partner the kind of person who would appreciate a loud declaration of love that the whole world can hear, or would they prefer a private, intimate moment? Knowing this will greatly affect how you plan your proposal. That’s not to say you’ll be rejected if you make the wrong call, but it will spoil the moment for both of you if she’s put on the spot when she doesn’t want to be. However, if they love PDA, then get advice about public proposals from http://www.yourengagement101.com. When in doubt, always play it safe. You cannot go wrong with a one-on-one environment without an audience.

Finally, just make sure you speak from the heart. Chances are high that the answer will be “yes!”

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