Loving Ways To Get Mom Involved In Wedding Planning

Once you’ve had your dream proposal, your mind immediately goes to the planning involved and telling all your friends and family that you’re finally engaged! While you’re in a soup of emotion filled with happiness, anticipation and love, your Mom is in her own emotional soup! She’s watched you grow from a tiny baby to a spectacular young woman with dreams and ambitions of her own, and she’s full of pride, love and a tiny bit of sadness that you’re about to take the next step in adulthood.

Your mother is your biggest fan, your biggest critic and the person who loves you more than anyone else in the world. She has been there for you from your first step and now she’s about to watch you marry off and have your own family. It’s a bittersweet moment and that tinge of sadness is a natural experience that you may one day have yourself. So, to be able to keep your excitement going, why not get your Mom involved in the planning with you? If there’s any worry about having the plans taken over, give your Mom specific tasks to help you with that you’re happy to relinquish control on. You’ve been looking to your mother for approval your whole life, your wedding should include her, too. We’ve put together some of the best wedding planning activities that she could be a part of:

Bridal Shopping

You are going to be trying on beautiful, intricately made wedding dresses and part of that shopping trip requires an outside eye. Gathering your bridesmaids, sisters and mother to help you choose your wedding dress and accessories and have a little weep at the bridal store is simply tradition. Bring your Mom along with you and ask for her opinion on your dress choices; the feeling of inclusion will help her to ‘let you go’.


It’s not going to be much of a shock to you that flowers are a huge part of a wedding, but coordinating them can be so difficult! If your Mom is the sort of person who is organised to perfection, hand over flower duties to her. She raised you, so you’ll know her tastes and while your choices may be very specific in the type of flower or the colour, let her come to you with suggestions for what’ll look beautiful for your day.

Something Old

No, we don’t mean your Mom! The ‘something old’ part of this wedding day tradition usually comes from the mother of the bride. Usually, the mother gives her daughter jewellery for her day that perhaps she once wore, that her daughter can then pass down the line. This tradition is absolutely one that should be upheld for your mother to you. Discuss it, especially if she doesn’t have wedding jewellery of her own to pass down to you.
Your Mom has been beside you in every step through life. It makes sense that she should be there cheering you on for this one.

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