A Wedding Fit For A Groom's Dream

A groom’s dream? If you still believe that only the bride can be excited about the wedding ceremony, then you need to shake that terrible gender stereotype out of your mind. There is nothing in the great scheme of things that implies that grooms can’t get excited or emotional at the idea of getting married. Just like the bride dreamed of a white princess's dress, the groom might have developed similar aspirations about his special day. Unfortunately, wedding exhibitions and magazines can get too easily focused on the women’s side. Believe it or not, but the groom deserves a dream wedding too. It is, after all, a day of love that celebrates the union of two individuals. Why should brides only have the right to be in charge of the costume, the food, and the venue? It’s time to embrace the 21st century and to make the wedding day work for both partners.

1. That’s his wedding too

It’s difficult not to come across brides-to-be who are overly excited about their big day. In fact, they may be talking about the wedding on the first occasion they get! As a result, it’s not uncommon to find plenty of supportive forums online to help the future brides calm their nerves. In reality, the idea that the wedding is the bride’s day has been unfairly perpetuated by the media. Why are there so many bridal guides and not remotely enough groom’s guides? Many might suggest that this is because grooms don’t care. We beg to differ. Grooms care about their big day, but unfortunately, media don’t support their interest. To accept that the wedding can excite the groom-to-be just as much as his bride, we need to reject the idea that weddings are just the bride’s day. It’s not. It’s the couple’s day.

2. Groom’s beauty tips matter too

If you’ve ever wondered how guys prepare for their big day, here are a few groom's beauty tips, on weddingtones.com. Why do they need beauty tips? Because they too deserve to shine on their wedding day. In fact, for weddings that are planned well in advance, it’s not uncommon for the groom-to-be to hit the gym and embrace a thorough fitness regime. You might even find couples who prepare together for their big day, supporting each other through their workout and dieting practices. And guess what? It works because they both respect each other’s beauty wishes. Similarly, finding the perfect style for the big day can make a big difference in how confident the groom feel.

3. Why should the bride have all the shiny things?

You need to stop thinking about the bride’s dress and her jewelery. As it’s a big day for both partners, the groom too deserves to shine. Ditch the idea that only the bride can have a beautifully elegant wedding ring. Times have changed. There are some elegant and precious wedding rings for men – on https://www.frostnyc.com – and they are the perfect way for him to look his best. Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friends, after all. Men too deserve to wear the precious gem as a wedding band. There is no need for investing in rings of different values: A sophisticated one for the bride and a simple one for the groom. It’s an old-fashioned idea that seems to imply that men couldn’t possibly enjoy beautiful jewelery.

4. Plan your wedding like your marriage: FAIRLY

Samantha Goldberg, the expert wedding planner, once shared with the Cosmopolitan the warning signs that a marriage is doomed to failure. In her experience, plannings that don’t involve both partners fairly regarding their desires and their expenses are marriages that will fail in the long term. In other words, when the bride spends an insane proportion of the budget on her dress and the groom isn’t allowed the same fashion investment, that’s for Samantha a sign that it’s an unfair relationship. Similarly, brides who don’t let their grooms organize the wedding day are driving the marriage into a wall. Instead, both partners should be equally involved at every step of the preparation.

5. Gender equality is not just a trend

Gender equality sounds like another word for feminism, and it feels like the kind of things that shouldn’t be on a wedding’s site. But in reality, gender equality means that men and women should be treated as equal all the time. In fact, a growing number of men are embracing responsibilities that were stereotypical of women, such as housekeeping and caring for children. Letting men have their say about wedding preps is nothing but the acceptance that the wedding is not just a girl’s thing after all.

Let’s stop the wedding’s stigma once and for all. Grooms deserve as much emotional support and beauty preps as brides for their big day. A wedding in white is not just a girl’s dream. It’s the start of a big adventure as a couple.

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