Winter Style Tips for Bridesmaids


Picking bridesmaid dresses and accessories is always tricky because you have to deal with different body types, styles, and preferences. This bridal task only gets more challenging when you’re planning a winter wedding. Nobody wants to stand in the cold with a runny nose and blue hands waiting for your ceremony to end. So, how do you keep your bridesmaids warm and cosy on your big day? Let’s take a look at some useful tips.

Long dresses for warm legs

Full-length dresses are the easiest and classiest way to keep your bridesmaids warm and happy. It’s no surprise that it’s a typical winter wedding choice because it’s just sooo practical. They are super elegant, and perfect for any traditional and formal wedding. But, if you want your wedding to be more whimsical, you can also pull that off with long dresses with fun patterns or non-traditional fabrics to match the mood and theme of your wedding.

Short dresses with a twist

If you want your bridesmaids to wear short dresses, you’ll need to come up with a new game plan. Of course, short dresses can be an option for a winter wedding, as long as you properly prepare for all weather conditions. Don’t leave your girlfriends freezing just so you can have what you want. Instead, find some cool tights for them to wear. They can all be of the same pattern or colour, or you can spice things up and give each bridesmaid different tights that reflect their character. This way, you’ll ensure your bridesmaids are not cold and still have a super elegant and stylish girl squad beside you on your W-day.

What about boots?

In recent years, boots have been ruling the winter wedding scene, and for a reason. They do not only keep your feet warm and comfy, but also help you walk in the snow. Boots are great because they can be worn hidden under a long dress or proudly displayed with a short dress. The choice is yours! Depending on your wedding theme and mood, your bridesmaids can wear tall boots (for a classy event) or booties (for a cool and casual wedding). No matter which ones you choose, they will provide much more warmth and comfort in winter days than any heels or flats.

Cover up

Your bridesmaids’ upper bodies are even more important than their legs, so you want to make sure they have something to throw over their shoulders. For instance, if you’re wearing a little faux fur coat or wool shawl or scarf, your bridesmaids can match you. Just dress them in a slightly different shade, pattern, or style. You can also get them some cool women’s jackets in case the weather gets chilly. If you don’t want your brides to look exactly the same, an authentic solution is to let them wear their own jackets for a touch of unique bridesmaids’ style, but top it off with a matching scarf to achieve a coordinated look.

Keep those hands warm

If your bridesmaids don’t wear warm jackets, consider elbow-length gloves to protect them from the cold weather. You can also have them wear regular gloves, mittens or even a muff if you’re fancy enough. They are a great accessory because you can choose from many colors, styles, and materials and be as classy or goofy as you want.
So, if you’re planning a winter wedding, you don’t have to dread choosing bridesmaids dresses and accessories. Just take some ideas from this text, incorporate them into your theme and style and voila! Now, go start planning your wonderful winter wedding.

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