4 Practical Gifts Any Newly Married Couple Will Sincerely Appreciate

It can be hard to decide what to get a pair of newlyweds once the big day hits. Besides the other guests granting them gifts, sometimes you don’t know what the newly-married couple needs. When you want to share your happiness, though, you have several options to make their incoming married days less stressful and serve a functional purpose. Below are four wedding gifts that’ll be as thoughtful as they are practical.

1. Cookbooks

Whether or not either of the newlyweds is a master chef, buying one or more cookbooks for them can give them a wealth of meal ideas. You can go for used or new collections, or even compile some recipes of your own to pass onto the married couple. You have many, many choices for how to add to their food-making repertoire, not to mention the option of giving them multiple books. Consider recipes and books from all the food cultures or disciplines they’re interested in, especially if you want to give them more than one. These also pair well with cookware.

2. Bakeware

As opposed to cookware they may already have, bakeware for all their baking needs could easily come in handy. Getting newlyweds a set will give them flexibility when it comes to getting dishes in the oven, no matter what kind of dish they’re preparing. Opt for bakeware that comes with ease of use and practical features, like being dishwasher- or microwave-safe. You can gift individual pans or a full set, depending on what the newlyweds’ overall cookware needs are; buying a really nice pan or pans can ensure they last longer. If it’s within your budget, adding appropriate cutlery and other cookware can make for a fantastic addition the couple will love.

3. Subscriptions

If you know what kinds of services the newlyweds use, you can go a little further and pay for their programs. From Internet contracts to streaming services and more, you can take care of their fees for months or even years. Do your research online and read up about various companies, like these ACN Reviews, to make the best choice for your budget and the couple. Payment can come in the form of gift cards or setting up payment through the service. This also includes recurring packages like monthly food and clothes deliveries.

4. Cash

While it might seem tacky and impersonal, cash makes a great wedding gift—it’s a popular option that can be applied to any part of the newlyweds’ new life. The average cash gift is around $160 in the U.S., but it’s up to you to decide how much you want to give. This can depend on how close you are with the marrying couple, so don’t feel bad if you don’t dish out more than what you’re comfortable gifting. Cash can also be put towards gifts in the registry or group gifts if you would rather be discreet about how much money you’re putting towards the wedding.

Buying something useful and usable for the newlyweds will show the new couple your thoughtfulness and good wishes. It can be stressful to know what gift will be right for them, but the four listed above can actually be used and appreciated beyond the ceremony and reception. Getting them something they can use for a long time goes beyond simply adding to their list of gifts. So, while you're figuring out what the married couple wants and needs, go for something practical to make their new life a little easier.

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