A Wedding Day To Remember: The People You Should Hire To Help

Getting married is a momentous occasion and the day itself will be one you remember for a long time to come. To make the day run smoothly, it is important you hire the right people. Your friends and family may be able to fulfill some of the common tasks on your wedding day, but there are some jobs best left in the hands of the professionals.

As your big day approaches, these are the people you need on your side.


Your great aunt may be a whiz in the kitchen, and what she can do with a quiche is nothing short of a miracle. However, that doesn’t mean she is equipped to cater for your ever growing guest list, and hey, not everybody is a fan of the savory tart (the quiche, not your aunt), so you need to cater for all tastes.

It may be that the venue you have booked already has a caterer on hand, but if not, shop around and find the best catering service you can afford. Food is one area you shouldn’t skimp on, as for many of your guests, this will be the highlight of their day, no matter how wonderful your wedding looked.


While there will be many people taking snapshots with their camera phones and tablets, you don’t want to rely on their low budget photographs for your marriage album. Similarly, your dad may insist he is up for the job, but when you later discover he has left the groom out of every photo, you need to question his camera skills as well as his opinion of your partner! Therefore, hire a professional photographer, somebody equipped to create beautifully captured memories that you will look back on with pride and joy in the years to come.


So what if your brother-in-law has a guitar and is a hoot at the local karaoke bar, it doesn’t mean you want him to play at the wedding. Your guests will vote with their feet, so if their toes aren’t tapping, you know you should have hired somebody else.

Music is an integral part of your wedding day, from the moment you walk down the aisle, to the party you have in the evening. Hiring a string quartet for the ceremony, and a decent band for the evening celebrations will add an extra touch of class to the day.


Yes, you could rely on your family’s transport, but should your uncle’s clapped out old car break down en route, you are going to be late for the wedding. To reduce unnecessary stress, hire drivers who will escort you to your big day in style, whether you choose to arrive in a beautifully decorated car, or even a horse and carriage.

Wedding Decorators

You will look great in your wedding dress, so the venue should match your beauty. While you could add your own decorations and flowers, hiring a wedding decorator will ensure every part of your wedding looks and feels magical.

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