What Not To Do In Pursuit Of The Perfect Engagement Ring


If you’re in pursuit of the perfect engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place. This topic can be a minefield, with all sorts of information out there to confuse you. This post is going to talk about what not to do when you’re searching for the perfect ring. Read on to learn more!

Forget To Check Out The Ring Size

You can’t just guess your partner’s ring size. You could be wildly off, and this can sort of take the excitement out of a proposal when you try to put the ring on their finger. You can find out a ring size by getting one of the rings they already own and using a ring sizer or checking online. Maybe you already have their ring size from years ago if you’ve bought them rings in the past. There’s shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t have the ring made to fit after the proposal, but you will need to check to be sure before you part with your money.

Fail To Research The 4 Cs

The 4 cs are the most important things when you’re buying an engagement ring with a diamond in it. They determine how amazing the diamond looks within the ring, and whether it’s worth buying or not. You have the color, which is the color of the diamond. You have the cut, which determines how sharply the diamond is cut. You have the clarity, which determines how clear the diamond is. Finally, you have the carat, which is how heavy and large the diamond is. In general, it’s better to have a smaller, better cut, clearer diamond than a huge one that isn’t as clear or well cut. The smaller one will sparkle in the light and look far more luxurious. There are so many more tips on choosing engagement rings with diamonds in them. You don’t even necessarily have to choose a diamond. It all depends on preference and style!

Buy Something That Doesn’t Suit Their Style

Hopefully, you know a little something about your partner’s style by now. You should buy them something that suits their style, as they will be wearing this ring every day. Choose something that suits the jewelry they wear the most, as well as something that suits their personality. It can be a good idea to take their lifestyle into account too. You won’t want a ring that is difficult to take on and off if they have to take the ring off for work.

Fail To Consider A Custom Ring As A Viable Option

A custom ring could very well be an option for you. Some jewelers are very reasonably priced, so check it out before you dismiss it as too expensive.

Go Over Your Budget

The ring you buy should be good value for money. Some are definitely over priced, so don’t go over your budget for something you could buy cheaper elsewhere. You want to consider the quality of the ring you’re buying, not just the brand name.

Good luck!

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